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Shoprunner Review

A couple of months ago I joined Shoprunner which is is an online shopping program that offers members free two day shipping from participating stores. In all honesty here, when I joined Shoprunner I thought that the two day shipping program was only good for the store that I was shopping at, but I soon learned that it was good for many stores; which I'll get to in a while here.

Let me first briefly explain what Shoprunner is to those who have never heard of it before. It is a service that online shoppers can join and find very useful. Members can have selected items from online retailers delivered to their doorstep lightning quick with free two day shipping. Any product from participating stores that offer Shoprunner not only get free shipping, but free two day shipping. For those who do quite a bit of shopping online the service can be very useful. For those who are familiar with Amazon Prime, the service is very similar. The only difference is that you are not limited to only Amazon, you get the free expedited shipping at many stores.

I learned of Shoprunner when I was doing some online shopping. Next to the product I was going to buy I seen a little symbol that said "Free two day shipping with Shoprunner". Me, being the curious person I am clicked on the link for more information. After glancing at the service real quick I knew what the program was all about. I was already familiar with Amazon Prime. I did not know though that there were other services like this outside of Amazon. Nothing like this of course is free so I had to check out the price. The price was very similar to Amazon's price as a one year membership would cost $79.99. I also seen that there was a 30 day free membership trial. I went for it - why not? Honestly, the plan here was to get the items was purchasing shipped for free and then just cancel before the 30 days. I joined and I received the free expedited shipping that I was promised and was 100% satisfied.

A couple of weeks later I was going to cancel my membership. I did not want to wait until the last minute or a couple of days before. Seems like when people do this they will forget and then get slammed with the fee. I have been one of those people so trust me I know. While browsing around the site though I noticed that there were many online retail stores that participated in the program. I thought to myself that maybe canceling my membership was not  good ides - I was undecided at this point.

Some of the stores on the list included Toys'R'Us, GNC, Petsmart, Calvin Klein, Fathead, Autozone, NBA Store, Foghog, E-Toys, Birthday Express, Radio Shack and Speedo. This is just some of the many participating retailers. As of this writing there are currently 69 participating retailers and more stores are being added in the future. You can see a list of upcoming stores on the website. Dominos Pizza is even a member of the program as you receive free delivery of your Pizza!

I ended up allowing my paid membership for a year to go through. I do enough shopping online to may it worthwhile. I love how there is even a community members forum on the site where members can discuss any issues that they want. There is even a "Deals" section where you can find the stores that are offering unbelievable deals at the moment. Easy returns is another benefit - and the best thing is that any returns are absolutely free to members! No having to fight with a company about paying return postage! I could go on and on!  Another great thing is that you do not need to sign in to Shoprunner every time you visit a participating store. ShopRunner's Single Sign On feature will have you automatically signed in each time you visit one of the stores and your two day savings will be applied. You will see all of this information when you checkout from a participating store.

As you can tell here, I am very happy with Shoprunner and have been very satisfied. I cannot down this company for anything. How can I? They save me money and I get my orders quicker. I have not had any problems with any of the retailers as I have used four different stores so far.

Who should join Shoprunner?

If you are a person who does enough shopping online, it is a no-brainer that you should join Shoprunner. The savings will add up tremendously. Besides the savings, you will also get your orders in two days. I personally have saved $460 on shipping within the four months that I have been a member. It is amazing how the money saved on postage has really added up. When you join, the website will keep track of all your orders that you have used Shoprunner for and will add up your savings. If you are a person who buys one thing a year off of an online retailer, then it is probably not a good idea for you to join as it would not be worth it. It's all about saving money here and if you do lots of online shopping you will want to join. There is nothing to lose with the free 30 day trial, so I would advise anyone to at least check it out.

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Gerard Sayles said...

They've deceived you or you work for them!
On occasion they will back up their claims of sending items with in two days. Unfortunately half of the time that I have used them, the shipping arrives at standard mailing rates, which has caused me to miss deadlines. If you have something that is time sensitive, ShopRunner is a bonafide disappointment. What's worse, is after they admit to not fulfilling their claims, they offer nothing as a recourse; no discounts for membership, no extended membership, nothing, giving as an excuse other circumstances as the probable reason for the delays. Yet they still expect you to pay (after the trial membership) for services they fail to render. STAY AWAY!!!