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WWE Shop - Review

WWE Shop is the official store of the WWE. OK, if you are not a fan of the WWE, this store will not interest you at all, but if you are then you are in for a treat. They sell just about anything you may be interested in (WWE related of course). They have a wide selection of DVD's of all the great wrestling events of the past. You can find all the great Wrestlemania's, Summer Slams, etc. here. I recently purchased the Wrestlemania Anthology set. They actually come in four different volumes but I saved some money by buying the whole set. Now I own all the Wrestlemania's from Wrestlemani I to XXII. There's twenty two disk all together. I gotta say that this is a true collector's edition.

If you have been a fan of the WWE for some time you will appreciate seeing the old, or should I say younger Hulk Hogan going at it with Andre the Giant, "Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper and so on. You really go through a time warp with this collection. I have been watching them in order and am now at Wrestlemania X. It was pretty cool seeing Undertaker go at it with Giant Gonzalez. I had completely forgotten about that one. Another one that got me excited like when I was a kid was seeing the old Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior fight, I remember not knowing who to root for as a kid as they were both well liked. I think I was leaning more for Hulk Hogan, but if Ultimate Warrior won I was OK with it. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, The Rock, Steve Austin, Batista, Jake the Snake, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Million Dollar Man, they are all in here. For anyone thinking about making this purchase, I would recommend getting the complete Anthology Box set that has all Wrestlemania's up to XXII at this time. You can purchase the volumes separately at a time, each volume has like five Wrestlemania's on it. For example, you can get the one with Wrestlemania I-V or VI - X, and so on.

Note: Purchasing the entire complete box set will save you some money if you plan on getting them all anyways.
Besides the Wrestlemania DVD, WWE Shop has many other main event DVD's and many other things any wrestling fan would be interested in. T-Shirts, posters, trading cards, toys, action figures, books, video games and the list goes on. For any wrestling fan who wants to check them out click on the following link. You can even get free shipping! Free Shipping on $60 & over at WWEShop!