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Havoc - Movie Review

Havoc is a movie that I could barely say was OK, and I mean barely. The ending to this movie was one of the worst endings they could have come up with and leaves many unanswered questions that were probably the main plot of the movie. The movie main character is Allison Lang (Ann Hathaway) who lives in a upper middle class neighborhood. The movie reveals her and her friends relationship at the beginning of the movie. They are a group of white high school kids who are infatuated with the hip hop culture and are pretty much wanna be gangsters. Some from the group are what some would call wiggers, they even have a name for their wanna be gang. One of the no-no's in the movie was that during the movie there is a high school student who is doing his own documentary on this gang of kids with his camera. Real point less for the movie unless you'll enjoy seeing Allison in a kind of sexy scene.

Allison and her friends decide to go buy drugs on the other side of town from some real East L.A. Chicano gang members. After buying the drugs, Allison's boyfriend Toby (Mike Vogel) realizes that he got burned, he decides to confront the drug dealer named Hector (Freddy Rodriguez). Hector then punks Toby and puts a gun to his head, making Toby urine in his pants out of fright. Even though she was worried about her boyfriend, Allison can't help but to be intrigued by the lifestyle of the Mexican gangsters so the next night Allison and her three girlfriends go back to the location were they bought the drugs. There, she and her friends are invited to a party and she starts a relationship with Hector. They have a good time at the party and after leaving can't believe what they just did.

Later Allison and her best friend Emily (Bijou Phillips) go to a hotel party that the gang is having. While there they are having a good time playing cards and taking shots. Emily then wants Allison to ask the gang if they could be in their crew. Allison ask and the gang laughs at them realizing that these girls have no idea what a real gangsters lifestyle is all about. Hector and his home boys then decide to let them in their varrio but tell them that they have to get in the way other girls have. They have to row a dice and whatever number they get is how many guys they have to have sex with. Allison gets a one and chooses Hector, Emily gets a three. So entry into the gang begins but Allison has seconds thoughts in the middle of it and says she can't do it. For Emily things are going good at the beginning but when multiple guys are all over her she gets scared and starts screaming. Allison goes in the room to get her and they leave.

Emily then charges them with rape and Hector is arrested. Allison then tells Emily's parents that it was consented and how they wanted to join the gang. When Allison's wanna be gang learn of the rape, Toby and his boys decide to act like real gangsters and go to East L.A. with guns looking for revenge on the Mexican gangsters. Meanwhile, Hectors homeboys go to the wealthier neighborhood looking for revenge because of the false claim. They both have no luck finding anyone. As Toby and his boys are driving home they notice the Chicano gangsters going the opposite way on the street. They notice the 16 tattoo in the back of one of their heads. The screen then goes black and we hear gun fire. That's the end of the movie! Who got shot? Who shot who? We will never know! Have to make up your own ending. What happened to Hector? They never mention him again. Even though I said that this movie is O.K. (barely) it really gets you frustrated.

Rating: 5.0