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Bloggerparty.com - Review

So you enjoy blogging do you? Most who blog do it because they enjoy writing about the things they love or use their blog as sort of an online journal. Most blogs (not all) are centered on one particular subject. For instance sports, cooking, arts and crafts, cars or any other hobbies you might enjoy. Many bloggers have started to add some Google adsense ads on their blogs to generate a nice little income from it. If you don't know what Google adsense is, it is a program by Google that places relevant ads on your website or blog and they pay you every time one of your visitors click on any of the Google ads. Payment for each click can vary, you may notice a few on my page here. Anyhow, Bloggerparty.com has taken it to another level. You register with them and they set your blog up for you. It's pretty cool as you can choose the look of your blog from various themes. Within your blog some Google Adsense ads are displayed, 50% of them have your google ID tagged in them (meaning when some one clicks on them you earn) and the other 50% have bloggerparty's google ID tagged to them (meaning they get paid when someone clicks on them). Bloggers can greatly benefit from this because bloggerparty has a high PR and gets high traffic meaning you earn more from your Adsense ads. No matter if you are new to blogging or have been in the blogging game a while your sure to like what bloggerparty has to offer. You can check it all out by going to their site here Bloggerparty.com. When you go to the site register by clicking on 'Quick Start' under the main menu. If you don't already have a Google adsense account you can get one after registering with bloggerparty first. Bloggerparty has information on how to get a adsense acoount under *user guide* then *about google adsense*.

Grade: B+