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School Bus License Flash Game Review

Recently, I was hired to write some posts about video games for a client. This was a subject that I was more than happy to write about. It's not because I am a video game fanatic or anything like that because I am not. I am a fan of the old 80s arcade video games and was good at them, but as far as today's games are concerned, I do not really play unless I sit down for a few minutes to play with my son. There is not much time in my life for me to play video games.

I figured that this clients articles would be about classic retro games or new home console video games. It was of neither. Instead, it was about different type of flash games that a person could play for free on their computer. I had never heard of any of these games before, and they are not very popular games. To get some knowledge about them, I had to play some of them. I figured I would play a certain flash game for a few minutes to get a general idea of what the certain game was about, but my old video game addiction seemed to come back. I found myself playing the games for a very long time and got behind on my work to write this clients articles. With all of these games, there is no need for a remote control as everything is controlled by the arrow keys on a person's keyboard.

I did try many of these games in order to write about them, but I am going to share the ones that I liked the best. The first game that I had checked out on the site turned out to be one of my favorites. The name of the game is simply "School Bus license." If you want to play the game and give it a try, you can play School Bus License directly below this post. There are different levels that a person has to advance through in this game. Level one is the easiest and the levels will become more difficult as a player advances. It is very doubtful that anyone will pass level one the first time that they play. Instead, they will find themselves crashing. In order to pass level one, the goal is to park the bus perfectly in a bus station, and there is only 15 seconds to complete the task.

As you advance through the levels playing the School Bus License game, you will end up driving on long roads, encounter sharp turns, be watching out for kids crossing the street and will pick up kids at bus stops and then dropping them off at their bus stop. Backing up the bus will need to be mastered and a player will have to look out for falling trees, oil slicks in the road, oncoming traffic and even have to keep an eye on law enforcement officers.  Of course, all of this is added to the School Bus License game as you progress through the levels and become a better school bus driver.

Anyone who wants fun little games to play to kill some time will find these games a good thing to do. Even though they are simple flash games, they can be challenging. Playing the School Bus License game sounds easy, but it will take some practice to get through all the levels and earn your school bus license. Below, is the School Bus License game to play. Remember, all of these games are free to play! You may want to check it out! Earn that School Bus License!