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Harlem Globetrotters Show Review

I was recently invited by a relative to see a Harlem Globetrotter performance. I had little interest in going and at first declined. Then I thought about my NBA crazed 13 year old son and how he may like it. I asked him if he wanted to go, and to my surprise he did not even know who the Harlem Globetrotters were. When I briefly explained to him who they are and what they do he wanted to go. So I made the telephone call to my relative and told him to count me and my son in.

You don't have to be a basketball fan to know who the world famous Harlem Globetrotters are. The Harlem Globetrotters have been around for nearly a century so most likely they are a part of your childhood memories. All of us (except for my son) have at least seen them at one time or another on television. They are the basketball team sporting the red, white and blue striped shorts along with their blue basketball jerseys. They even have a red, white and blue basketball that they play with that has sort of become a trademark with them. If you are watching them on television you will most likely hear the team's signature song which is a whistled version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" that is performed by Brother Bones. They are basically the most popular basketball team in the world that does not play in the NBA. With that said, they are not what you would think of as a normal basketball team. They do not participate in serious competitive basketball games. Instead, the Harlem Globetrotters are performers who put on an exhibition basketball game that is mixed with athleticism, theater and comedy.

My personal childhood memories of the Harlem Globetrotters are from the early 1980s when I was a child. I remember "The Harlem Globetrotter's on Gilligan's Island" episode and the "Scooby-Doo Meets the Harlem Globetrotters" cartoon episode. There was something about the Globetrotters that made every kid like them right away. They were very funny, and you felt an instant connection with the team.

So off to the arena we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters in their 2017 tour. I was sure that most, if not all of the members of the team that I remember from the 1980s were no longer with the team. The most rememberable player that I liked the most was a player by the name of Curly Neal. He was a bald headed guy and seemed to stand out from the rest of the guys. I have now found out that he retired from the team in 1985 after playing with the team for 22 years. Again, I did not think that any of the Globetrotters that I remembered would be there, but I was sure that this 2017 Harlem Globetrotter team would be just as entertaining as their predecessors.

I did not expect to see the show very good as we bought the cheapest seats available. It was $18 per ticket. When we entered the arena and found our seats I was very surprised at how good we could see the show. I thought to myself how you would have to be insane to pay $150 for the front row court-side seats. The shows starts with the Globetrotters coming on to the court doing tricks, spinning the basketball on their fingers and heads, performing fancy slam dunks and doing what they are paid to do. The globetrotters are then introduced one by one to the crowd and the fans cheer. Their opponents for the night was not the Washington Generals that I expected to see. Instead, it was a team called the World All Stars. The poor World All Stars did not even get introduced to the crowd. Then again, who cares as nobody is here to see them anyways. I have since found out that the Washington Generals are no longer a part of the Harlem Globetrotter show, and the last game that they played was in 2015. Apparently there was some contract issues. The World All Stars are now the Harlem Globetrotter's punching bags!

The basketball game started, and the first thing that I noticed was how terrible the World All Stars defense was. They just let the Harlem Globetrotters do whatever they wanted. They would just stand there with their hands up in the air. Of course this is not a real basketball game and is pure entertainment, but it is just something that I took notice of. Those more familiar with the Globetrotters will understand me when I speak of the Globetrotters interrupting the game with their comedy antics. The main Globetrotter that you noticed was a big guy named "Big Easy." Big Easy, as well as some of the other Globetrotters have a microphone attached to themselves so the crowd could hear what they are saying during the game. During their comedy skits they would argue with the referee, make fun of him and were really funny at times. They would pull down the pants of the World All Stars during the game and make fun of them as well. Very funny at times, and this was all expected at a Harlem Globetrotters show.

A few things that I noticed was that the three point line expanded so far out that it went to and ended at both edges of the court. Another thing that I noticed was that the basketball court looked a bit smaller than normal. I am not sure of this, but it sure looked like it to me. One thing that was funny was the four point shot that the Harlem Globetrotters made up during the game. This is part of the shows gimmick, and I thought it was very funny as anybody who has played basketball as a kid at one time or another made up the four point shot. During the game, the Harlem Globetrotter players made some very impressive shots. There dribbling skills are beyond great and they put together some fine alley-oops.

One of the funniest moments of the show came at halftime when the Harlem Globetrotter mascot named "Globie" came out on to the court. The person in the Globie costume danced to short snips of different songs. He did the dance of each song and had some crazy moves that most people could not do in their regular clothes yet he does the dances in his crazy Globie costume. You have to see it yourself to know how funny it is.

During the second half of the game, there was a question on a call during the game. To review what just happened, the two basketball teams had to go on rewind. You then hear the sound of a tape rewinding through the loudspeaker and all of the players on the court went to rewind mode. It was great watching this, and I give credit to them for mastering this. It was like rewinding an old VCR tape and watching everything go backwards but this was live. Once that was done, they went back to normal mode but put the play in slow motion. We are watching the action from the play in slow motion. All of the players on the court did a great job at this. Even the ball movement was in slow motion as they used an air filled basketball instead of a real one for this trick. Very good and entertaining!

Many times during the basketball game, the globetrotters will get fans involved in their antics. If somebody does not want the chance to ever get embarrassed silly, it would be best for them not to get front-court seats. The farther you are, the safer you are. During one stint, Big Easy went out and took a lady's purse from the crowd. He had it on the court for awhile and then I don't know what happened to it. Later, he brings the lady to the center of the court. He asks her name and she gives it. He then asks her if she likes to party, and she says yes. Looking at this lady I doubt she is the party type lady but she says what everyone expects to hear. Music then comes on real loud, and he starts dancing with her and then turns around and puts himself in a position where she is freaking him. Yes! A little bump-and-grind action going on! She backs off at that point, but it stirs some awkward laughs from the crowd. People did not know if they should laugh or not. He then asks her for a kiss on the cheek. To my surprise she does it. He then asks her for a kiss on the other cheek, and she pecks him on that cheek too. He then closes his eyes and puckers his lips for a kiss on the lips! She denies him that kiss and tells him that she is married. That gives more arsenal for Big Easy's comedy act. He thanks her and lets her go back to her seat. When Big Easy sees the husband he tells the crowd that this beautiful lady has got to be with this man for his money. Now it is time for the husband to get humiliated. Big Easy brings the husband to center court and tells him that he is going to teach him how to have a long lasting relationship with his wife. Big Easy tells the husband that he is going to play the role of the husband and that he (the woman's husband) is going to play the role of the wife. Slow music comes on and Big Easy instructs the husband how to slow dance with him. Arms are around waist and everything and while dancing the husband says that he is so uncomfortable. Big Easy then picks up the husband like a woman, manhandles him and spins him around.

I have to say that I love comedy, and I love good laughs, but this whole thing seemed more insulting to the couple than anything else. It seemed pretty gross that this woman would give this stranger kisses on his cheeks. Granted it was just pecks, but it would sicken me if my wife, sister, aunt or my mother would be put in a position to do this. I know that the woman did not have to do what she was told, but she is just going with the position that she was put in to and figured that she has to go just go along with the show. Also, the man being insulted about his looks and the comment from Big Easy about his wife being with him for his money seemed more insulting than funny. Then to be dragged on to center court and treated like he was. This part of the show was not funny. The husband, like the wife, were put in a position, and I don't blame them for going along with the act, but I am sure that this guy and his wife were not very happy about it. Many other insults and degrading things were part of this stint that I cannot remember, but to sum it all up it was all done in a classless way.

Another thing that I noticed during the entire venue was that I was constantly trying to be sold something. They had something going around the arena that you could donate money to for a charity. Was I in church? Seemed like an offering plate going around, and I was not impressed with this. A few minutes before halftime, you also noticed vendors taking out giant baskets of basketballs to certain areas of the arena near the basketball court sidelines. This is so that they can sell the famous Harlem Globetrotter red, white and blue basketballs during half time. They make a killing off of selling these basketballs! The price tag for a normal sized basketball was $30! We bought two basketballs as how can you not buy the kids a basketball when all of the other kids around are getting one. It had me thinking about their strategy in marketing their items by putting pressure on the parents to buy their kids a ball. Surely there were people there who could not afford it. I understand that this is a business and that their goal here is to make money, but when I really think about this kind of stuff it really ticks me off. Another thing that they kept announcing is how everyone could go to the court after the game and get their basketballs autographed by the players. How does that make a kid feel if he did not get a basketball? Very shady in my opinion.

To sum up my Harlem Globetrotters 2017 show experience I would say this it was okay. It was not that bad as the show did have me laughing at times. Would I go again, most likely not. I think parts of the show were tasteless and things were said and done that I probably would not want my kids our future grand-kids seeing or hearing. I am not making out the show to be completely horrendous, perverted or anything like that, and I was not terribly offended by anything in the show. I would just rather not have little ones in my family around some of the statements or acts that the Globetrotters say and do. Many of the jokes that the Globetrotters say and do are demeaning to others. They will make fun of a person's weight, their ethnicity and other things that are just plain out insulting to others. If you are a conservative parent that tries to install values into your child, this show is probably not for you. There are much better shows out there to take your kids to and you will most likely want to pass this one up.

Rating: C

Light Up Lightsaber Swords Review

I had the luxury this past Halloween of buying not only a light up ninja sword accessory for my little ninja son, but I also had the luxury of buying some light up swords for my other son, who was Darth Vader for Halloween. Of course we had to get a red lightsaber for my son since Darth Vader as well as all siths use a red lightsaber.

So my online search began, and I was surprised to find that there were lightsabers being sold out there that were over $100. After doing a bit more research on lightsabers, I found that there are lightsabers out there being sold for nearly $1000, and believe it or not you can actually get a lightsaber out there that looks 100 percent real but can't actually cut off any arms or legs for around 50 million dollars. If we want to take it even further, a real lightsaber that can actually slice an arm off or block bullets would cost you approximately 80 billion dollars. Can you get one? Highly doubtful. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the U.S. military’s department of building really awesome weaponry can certainly make a real lightsaber. They would have to be insane to spend that kind of money on making a lightsaber though when they have other really important projects to take care of. Remember, they have a budget too. In other words, it will not happen.

With all of that said, what I was looking for was just a plain old red lightsaber to go with my kids Darth Vader costume. I was willing to spend fifty dollars on it. The lightsaber that caught my attention was the
The Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber.and the price was about right. What really caught my attention was that it was like having two lightsabers in one as you could use it in Anakin mode or Darth Vader mode. So basically the sword could be blue whenever you felt the need for the force or you could have the sword display red if you felt the dark side within you. It also had sound effects and Darth Vader breathing sounds. This Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader color changing lightsaber is definitely one of the best lightsabers out there that you can find. After 3 months of use and some battling duels, it is just as good as new. It is a very strong lightsaber. I must note here though that my son did not want this one but I got it for him anyways.

My son instead wanted a 3 pack of swords that offered a single red lightsaber, a single blue lightsaber and a single green lightsaber. When I looked at the swords he wanted, I was pretty sure that I already knew the type of swords that they were. They looked like the plastic swords that are usually sold at carnivals and fairs. The price for these swords was very cheap. For $20 you received 3 swords. This came out to just over $6 per sword. I purchased this 3 pack of lightsaber swords for him to satisfy him but told him that he would have to use these swords on Halloween if I bought them and not the Anakin to Darth Vader Lightsaber. He agreed and we received the package. The 3 swords were just like I expected. They were made of plastic and each sword had a solid color. One red sword (which my son would use for Halloween), a green sword and a blue sword. Each sword was about 28 inches long, and I must say that for the price these things were great. His red sword was very bright in the dark during Halloween and complemented his costume. Though not used on Halloween night, the green and blue sword also displayed very bright. For being on the lower end of lightsaber quality, the 3 pack lightsaber bundle worked great, and I was completely satisfied. Later that night, there was a lot of sword fighting going on and of course my Anakin to Darth Vader lightsaber easily won the battle. For anybody considering the 3 pack lightsaber package, I will warn you that rough play with them is not the best thing. Don't get me wrong, they are great for display and show but will not hold up to a heavy dual. A nice friendly dual would work, but kids who get really physical with them will break them mighty fast.

Rating for Anakin to Darth Vader Lightsaber: 10.0
Rating for 3 Pack Lightsabers 8.0 
Rating for 3 Pack Lightsabers for Show 9.5

For those interested in the more high quality lightsabers (which I did not purchase), I would recommend checking out these swords.

Star Wars Master Replicas Return of the Jedi Episode VI green Luke Skywalker Jedi Night Force FX Lightsaber

Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber - Anakin Skywalker

Also, there are Wicked Lasers Laser Sabers which you can see in the video below. Although these are not toys and are intended for the serious star wars fan. It may be worth a look.

Light Up Ninja Sword Review

As many of you know, I am a sucker for light up toys. I always enjoyed them as a kid and having children of my own, I guess you could say that I kind of passed down the enjoyment of light up toys. Our latest review has to do with light up ninja swords. Our recent purchase of this item came about during this past Halloween. With my 8 year old being a Ninja for Halloween, we needed a cool ninja sword to go with his costume. We purchased his ninja costume at our local Party City store. The costume did not come with any type of sword. They had some ninja swords there that were sold separately, but we passed them up as we wanted something a little bit cooler. We wanted a ninja sword that lights up! The ones that Party City had were alright, but they were just plain plastic ninja swords.

Our hunt for light up ninja swords began online and we found many different colors to choose from. There was a blue light up ninja sword, a green light up ninja sword, a red light up ninja sword and a rainbow light up ninja sword to choose from. This was an easy choice for my son as his favorite color is green. The green light up ninja sword was rather inexpensive as it was only $13. I actually found a couple of places to purchase these light up ninja swords and it seems that the price goes up and down a few dollars throughout the weeks. I noticed this because I would later purchase some more of these ninja swords; which I will get to in a bit.

When we received our green light up ninja sword, we noticed that it was a good length. It was 26 inches long. It came with three AAA batteries already installed. As soon as we turned it on it was really bright green. It the dark this thing really looked awesome! It also had a clanging sound that activated when the sword was swung. No other ninja sword could have made my son happier. He walked around on Halloween night trick or treating swinging his sword around with joy. If anybody is ever looking for a light up ninja sword to compliment a costume or for any other reason, I wold highly recommend this.

After Halloween, the sword lasted my son a couple of weeks before it finally gave out. I must say that I didn't expect it to last that long with the beating it took from him. He was gentle with it on Halloween night, but the days after that he became straight out ruthless with it. We have to remember, it is just a toy and when you beat a plastic toy against walls and other hard items you can't expect it to last forever. For the cheap price we got it for though, it was definitely worth it.

It has been a couple of months since that green ninja sword got destroyed, and my son asked me for another one. Not only him, but his brothers and sisters as well. I decided to make it a family thing and bought 4 light up ninja swords. I decided to get all colors though, and this time the price had dropped a bit to $11.80.

This was my rainbow light up ninja sword
A couple of days ago we received the light up ninja swords. My son of course chose the green one like his last one. His little brother chose the blue one and his little sister chose the red one. I ended up with the rainbow ninja sword to play battle with the kids. They all lite up bright, and I actually liked having the rainbow ninja sword. I actually had a piece of each child within my weapon; green, blue and red. The only thing that I want to note her is that the red ninja sword seemed to be a mix of red and pink. My daughter did not mind though, and I don't think most people would. Especially if the toy is for a girl.

When I made my initial Halloween purchase of the green light up ninja sword, I also purchased some regular lightsabers since my oldest son was Darth Vader for Halloween. I will also review those swords soon. I give these light up ninja swords a positive 8.5. The only negative that I can find in them is that they will not usually last for months or anything like that unless a person really takes care of it and does not use it to dual too much. Fun and friendly battles are fine, but when these things start smacking each other real hard, let's just say that the losers ninja sword will be destroyed. They are great for show though and the price cannot be beat!

Rating: 8.5

God's Not Dead 2 Review

Part number two of movies have always had the reputation of not being very good. I always try to forget this and go into a movie with an open mind. The latest movie that I have watched is God's Not Dead 2. I gave a big thumbs up to God's Not Dead 1, and I had no idea what part two was going to be about. I wasn't sure if it would be a whole new set of characters or not. As the movie opened up, I noticed that there were some familiar faces from part one. We have Reverend Dave, played by David A. R. White. We have Amy Ryan, played by Trisha LaFache. Martin Yep played by Paul Kwo and Reverend Jude played by Benjamin Ochieng. Also returning for small roles in God's Not Dead 2 is the Christian band "Newsboys" that Amy confides in at the end of part one.

The main plot in this movie focuses around a history teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. High school named Grace Wesley (Played by Melissa Joan Hart.) While teaching her class and giving lecture about Gandhi and Martin Luther King, one of her students named Brook (Played by Hayley Orrantia) asks if these peaceful teachings are similar to the biblical account of the Sermon of the Mount. Grace agrees with her student and gives some biblical scriptures to the class to prove the similarities. One of the students immediately sends a text to his parents which leads to backlash from the school principle. Principle Kinney (Played by Robin Givens). Eventually, Grace is brought before the School Board who inform her that legal action will be taken against her as she has violated the separation of church and state. Tom Endler (Played by Jesse Metcalfe), a young defense attorney (who does not look like your typical lawyer) draws interest in the case and represents her despite him being an unbeliever.

Martin Yip, a college student who found Jesus Christ in part one pays a visit to Pastor David. Martin has a longing to learn as much as he can about Jesus and has a list of over 100 questions to ask the pastor. Meanwhile, Amy, who got cancer in the previous movie checks in with her doctor to see the progress of her cancer. Miraculously, her cancer has vanished. She goes to speak with Michael Tate of the Newsboys Band (from who she became friends with at the end of part one) and he encourages her by telling her that faith and prayers can lead to answers from God. Even with this miracle in her life, Amy still questions her faith, but somehow still has a place in her heart for God and makes her blog about her adventure with God.

Grace is brought up before a judge in Little Rock, Arkansas and the School Board has a goal of having her terminated from her job and having her teaching licenses stripped. Grace is given a chance to end all of her problems by just giving an apology and insuring that something like this would never happen again. Grace cannot do that though as she feels it would be the wrong thing to do. Brooke hears the prosecutor of the case, Kane (Played by Ray Wise) stating to her parents that the lawsuit will prove once and for all that God is dead. As jurors are picked for the case, Kane tries to choose those he think that will benefit his case. Of course this would not be Christians or anybody else he thinks would be favorable to the defense. Likewise, defense attorney Endler chooses those who may benefit the defense. Pastor David is chosen as one of the jurors in the case. In court, Kane's opening statements suggest that the United States will crumble unless Grace is found guilty. Defense attorney Endler opens up by stating that Grace was only doing her job by answering her student's question and points out that the separation of church and state were written by Thomas Jefferson to protect the church and not prosecute it. His point is that the state tries to make it seem like the law was written for them when it was in fact written for the church. Things get even worse for Brook when Pastor David, one of her main key jurors becomes ill and is hospitalized. Eventually he is replaced by a young woman who has a rocker/goth type look. Of course this would seem to please the prosecution.

From the get go, things do not look good for Brooke as Kane builds a strong case against her by bringing forward several key witnesses. Expert key witness Warner Wallace (A Christian apologist) is called up to take the stand  He states that it is illogical for anybody to think that the gospel is a conspiracy and makes very valid points to back up what he is saying. Kane then thinks he can convince the jurors that all of these points are bias since Warner Wallace is a Christian. He is surprised though when Warner Wallace points out that he was a practicing atheist who was converted to Christianity.

While in his dorm room, Martin gets a surprise when his father walks in. Mr. Yip angrily rebukes Martin for following God despite the family's sacrifices. Martin refuses to deny God and his father walks out of the room telling him that he is no longer his son. Martin goes to the church to find comfort in what just happened to him and there he finds Brook who he is meeting for the first time. They talk about God, and Martin finds himself answering questions this time and brings Brook closer to her faith in God. Later, Brooke sets up a protest to support Grace.

Brooke intrudes on the court proceedings and the judge in the case allows her to testify despite her being underage. Kane uses this opportunity to get Brooke to admit that it was Grace and not her who initiated the first conversation about Jesus Christ. Kane really feels that he has this case under control and tells a member of his prosecution team that Grace does not have a prayer to win her case. Unfortunately for him, Grace had many prayers as Amy makes a telephone call to her friends, the Newsboys, who are in the middle of a concert. With Amy on the telephone, the Newsboys announce to the crowd the situation that Grace is in and the whole arena prays for her. Grace and her attorney feel like all hope in the case is gone and Grace confides in her elderly father by telling him that is seems as of late that God is not listening to her. Her father tells her one of the most memorable quotes of the movie when he says "During a test the teacher is always quiet." As Grace becomes more and more discouraged, Brooke and her friends sing her a song in front of her house in an attempt to build up her spirits.

Martin visits David who is still in the hospital from his illness. In the hospital already visiting David is Reverend Jude. Martin tells them that he feels that God is calling him to be a pastor in China. They smile and warn him about the difficulties he will have preaching God's word in China and Martin acknowledges what they have said.

With nothing to lose, as he already knows that they are gong to lose the case, Endler uses a tactic that places Grace as a hostile witness. Endler gets the judge to inform the jury not to let their bias or prejudices interfere with their verdict. Endler attacks Grace and her whole character and screams at her frantically about telling the truth. The jury ultimately finds in favor of Grace, who rejoices along with Brooke and Endler as Kane stands humiliated. One thing to also note here is the surprise that Grace gets when she sees a certain juror walk out of the room when it is all over. Pastor David's replacement juror in the case, that young women who had a rock/goth type look is seen from behind by Grace as she exits the court room. Much to her surprise, she notices a tattoo of a cross on the back of the young womans neck. A good lesson here to not always judge a book by its cover.

In a post credits scene, Pastor David returns to his church and is with his good friend Reverend Jude Paul and Martin. David is arrested by the police for his refusal to turn in his sermons to the government after he had a court order to do so. Paul and Martin watch as David is taken away. Then, Martin wonders what to do next, and Paul replies that the best they can do is wait, and pray. This seems like a great set up for a future God's Not Dead 3 movie.

God's Not Dead  2 was a great movie to watch as it shows the courage of a teacher fighting for what she believes in. Even though Grace can lose her job and her livelihood, she never denies her Lord and savior and refuses to apologize for accusations that she is not guilty of. I cannot say that God Not Dead 2 was a better movie than God's Not Dead 1, but I can say that it was just as good. I loved how to movie shows how many people get so uptight when the name of Jesus Christ is ever mentioned. How they will try to prove their points about how Jesus never existed, etc. The movie clearly displays these type of people. Atheism has always been, but now with Darwin followers, present day atheist really think that they make valid points when all they have is a theory with no proof (Although they will tell you otherwise.) These are the same people who will use B.C. and A.D. to note the years but yet they will still tell you that Jesus never existed! Anyways, this post is not about my religious beliefs so I will stop with that here. If anybody wants to watch a good movie with a lot of truth and feeling, I would encourage them to watch God's Not Dead 2.

Rating: 9.5

WebAnswers Review


As of today, the Webanswers.com website does not exist anymore. Users of this site began noticing problems is October of 2015. During this time, users were not able to log in, or if they did log in, there would be navigation problems on the site as they were not able to answer or post questions. This posed many of the users to wonder "What happened to Webanswers?" Many users, including myself, figured that it was just a temporary problem and soon the site will be up and running just as smooth as it always has in the past. Unfortunately, months went by and nothing changed. Besides that, nobody was receiving their Adsense commission anymore as we were used of getting on a daily basis. We all knew that there was something seriously wrong. Rumors spread that the owners of the site were getting new servers, but for some reason I personally had a feeling that this was not the problem. There was little information, if any, passed on from the website owners. The only information about anything that you could find was speculations from bloggers online, but nothing was certain. Doomsday for the Webanswers website soon came some time in 2016. The website does not exist anymore and was completely abandoned by the owners. It was shame, but as I have mentioned, I felt Webanswers was coming to the end of its road so it did not surprise me at all. I always had a hope though that somebody would buy the site and bring it back to the way we all once knew it. It was a great site to ask and answer questions, and many of the users were regulars. Of course, the Adsense earnings were a bonus for everybody. I have yet to look into it much but surely there has to be another website out there that is similar to Webanswers. When I have the time I am going to investigate and will surely share it. Below is our original post about Webanswers. I will stand by what a great website it was, but unfortunately it is gone so I have removed any links to the website. If anybody has any recommendations for a site similar to Webanswers, please share it with our readers.

I am always a person who likes to investigate new money making opportunities online, and I recently came across a question and answer website called WebAnswers.com. It is very similar to a more popular website that most people know that is called Yahoo Answers.

The site works very simple. A person can ask any questions that they want and other members are able to answer the question. Multiple members will answer the question to increase the likelihood that the person who asked the question receives a satisfactory answer.

A person can ask questions about love, relationships, family problems, religion, legal and just about anything else that you can think of. This is great for those who need answers and opinions immediately. Unlike some other sites out there, asking a question to receive answers is completely free.

OK - enough about asking questions. I WANT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS AND EARN SOME MONEY! First off, nobody should ever mistaken this site with some survey site that pays nothing to their members for way too much of their time. When answering questions on WebAnswers.com, a person earns money through the Google AdSense program. If you are familiar with Google AdSense, then you know how you earn money. If you are not familiar with Google AdSense, we have a post about it here on Thee Reviewer that you can check out when you have time. If you do check it out, I would advise you to not apply yet until you join WebAnswers.com.

I joined this question and answer site about one month ago, and I have to say that I am really impressed with the money I have made from the site so far. It is well beyond my expectations when I joined. I have been answering questions and my daily earnings are terrific and will rise more as I continue to answer questions. Those who are not familiar with Google AdSense may think that you get paid a certain amount of money for each question you ask, but that is not how it works at all. With AdSense, you earn a residual income that could last forever. That means for the work you do (in this case answering questions) you can earn your money month after month.

If you have been searching for a legit money making opportunity that you can earn from, you have found it right here. When you join, you will be required to answer 50 questions before you are invited by WebAnswers.com  to join Google AdSense. Once these 50 questions are answered, you will receive an email telling you to apply with Google AdSense. When you apply for Adsense, you will have to wait for them to approve you. For me, it was a bit easier as I already had a Google AdSense account. If you don't have an AdSense account already, don't let that stop you. This opportunity is too good to pass up.

A few pointers I can give you is to use good grammar when answering questions. Also, stay away from the one sentence answers. If someone has a question posted asking "I just caught my girlfriend cheating, what should I do?" Do not put a real quick answer that says "Break up." Instead, elaborate on your answer and try to make it at minimum three sentences. You see, Webanswers uses a quality score on every account. The higher your score is, the more onsite AdSense exposure you will get, which means more money that you will earn.

Are you ready to check out WebAnswers.com and get started? The sooner you join the sooner you will start earning!

Grade : A

Gods Not Dead Review

I have been seeing previews all week on my television about a movie called "Gods Not Dead." I never jumped up to see it, but me and my daughter recently were having a talk and she mentioned it to me and told me that it was pretty good.

That night, I find myself alone in my living room fiddling with my laptop and Google "Gods Not Dead." Sure enough, a site is on the list that says watch Gods Not Dead. I will post the link at the end of this post in case anyone has a few hours to watch this movie after reading this post.

The movie is about a freshman college student named Josh Wheaton. Josh enrolls in a philosophy class as he works toward a law degree. During his first day in class, Professor Jeffrey Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo, yes the same Kevin Sorbo from the television series Hercules, instructs all students to write on a piece of paper that God is dead and to turn it in to him. The professor is an atheist and wants to clear his student's minds of an all mighty supreme being who lives in the sky so that he can teach his class, in his mind, the proper way. Great acting by Kevin Sorbo as is real life he is a devoted Christian man.

Josh refuses to sign the paper as he is a believer in God and the professor belittles Josh's theory in front of the class. He does give Josh a chance to explain himself though and challenges him to prove to the class that God does exist. Josh will get 20 minutes in each class during the next three lectures to prove that God exist while Radisson debates him on why God does not exist. As Josh put it, he will be the defender of God, Radisson will be the prosecutor and the class will be the jury.

Both Josh and the professor make compelling points during their arguments. Then at the third lecture, Josh simply asks the professor why he hates God so much. Radisson gives his explanation as to why he hates God and Josh then says "How can you hate something that does not exist."

The movie is sort of like a soap opera that goes back and forth from one story to the other that ultimately meet at the end, but the story of Josh and the professor are the main theme of the movie. Another story of the movie is a middle eastern girl who comes to know Christ. Her father, trying to keep his customs alive with his family scolds her when he finds out that she is a Christian.

Another story is about a news reporter who lives an atheistic lifestyle. During the movie she seems to be against Christianity as she questions the motivations of Christian people. She is fairly young and finds out that she has cancer. She also learns that her boyfriend, another atheist who lives for the world will not stand by her in her time of trouble. Her whole world is turned upside down and at the end of the movie when she goes to interview a Christian rock band right before their concert, she comes to a better understanding of Christ after talking to the rock band.

The boyfriend of the news reporter visits his mother toward the end of the movie and tells her that he doesn't even know why he is there. The mother is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and her son is a very heartless and greedy person. He mocks his mother while talking to her and tells her that she has lived her whole life for God and look at her. He also says something in the likes of how he does not live for God and look at how well his life is. All of a sudden, his mother quotes some very wise words that are inspired by God and scripture and he looks at her amazed. She then asks him "Who did you say you were again?"

If you look at some review about this movie online you will sadly see many bad ones. I watched the movie with an open mind and I will tell you that to me this was a great movie. I was touched with emotion in many of the parts of this movie. You do not have to be a Christian to enjoy "Gods Not Dead." I will say this though, I think that many atheist will get a bit offended as the movie sort of has Christianity win the debate and war. What do you expect though? It is a movie about how the almighty God is alive! I will not give too much  of the movie away, but there is a scene at the end with the professor that is unexpected. This involves him running into two pastors who spend most of the movie stuck trying to get a working rent-a-car.

I almost forgot, here is the link to the page I saw "Gods Not Dead". I don't know how good this link will be good for so I would encourage you to watch this movie ASAP. If you would like to actually purchase the DVD, you may buy Gods Not Dead here.

Rating: 9.5

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

Just last week, a new "Planet of the Apes" movie hit the theaters. It is a movie that I was not going to miss and wait to come out on DVD. I loved "Rise of the Planet of Apes" and went to the theater hoping that this movie, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" would be just as good - or even better. I might add that I have always been a fan of all of the "Planet of the Apes" movies in the past. From the original 1968 Charleston Heston movie series, to Mark Wahlberg's 2001 remake up to the 2011 release of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" - I can honestly say I am a fan!

We catch the 5:30 show and are stuck in the very front row of the theater. I can't take this! We talk to management and they give us tickets to the next showing at 6:30 for $3 more per ticket because it is in 3D. "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" starts and we are reminded of the human killing virus that has spread amongst humanity at the end of the last movie. Apparently, a good percentage, if not all of humanity has fallen victim to the disease. We then see Caesar and the rest of the apes living their life in the jungle area called Muir Woods that they inhabited at the end of "Rise of the Planet of Apes." Caesar, happy with his life, still wonders about humans as the apes have not seen a human for ten years. Caesar, knowing that humans can be cruel, still has love for humans as he knows there are good ones such as Will Rodman, who raised him.

Blue Eyes, Caesar's son, and another ape named Ash encounter some humans while in the forest. One of the humans panics and injures Ash by shooting him. A cry for help soon as thousands of apes surrounding the humans. A man named Malcom, tries to keep peace with the apes and Caesar yells and orders the humans to leave. We learn that the humans who are alive live in San Francisco in a guarded tower and that they are immune to the virus. Koba, an ape who dislikes humans, tells Caesar that they must attack the humans before the humans attack them. Caesar does not, but instead takes an army of apes to the human dwelling and lets them know that the apes do not want war but that they will defend themselves if they need to. He also tells them to stay in their area and the apes will do the same.

The humans need a hydroelectric dam in the apes territory to provide long term energy to their city and Malcom takes it upon himself to go back to ape territory to tell Caesar what the humans need. Macom goes back with a small crew of people and is roughly taken to Caesar by other apes. At first, Caesar does not like the idea but eventually gives in and tells Malcom to do what he needs to do and then leave. Malcom grows on Caesar and vice versa. After the job is completed, there is celebration going on but then Koba shoots Caesar and blames humans for doing it. His intention here is to start a war with the humans as he is not happy with Caesar's love for humans. Malcom and his group are able to run and get away. The apes then attack the town killing and enslaving all of the humans. Koba also chains up all apes that were seen as having too much loyalty to Caesar. Koba even goes as far as killing a fellow ape named Ash after citing Caesars teachings.

Malcom and his friends find that Caesar is still alive and drive him to his former home were he was raised by Will Rodman. Caesar realizes and confesses that apes are no better than humans. Malcom goes to the city so he can get medicine to help Caesar and runs into Blue Eyes, who spares Malcom's life. Malcom tells Blue Eyes that his father is still alive and takes him with him to the house. Caesar tells his son that Koba shot him and that it was not the humans. Caesar also reminisces about his past as he finds a camcorder in the house with video clips of him as a young ape with Will. This was the saddest part of the movie for me.

Blue Eyes goes back to the city and starts freeing the humans and the apes that are loyal to his father. The loyal apes then join with Caesar and confront Koba. Meanwhile, Malcom reports to his superiors and they tell him that they have made contact with other survivors up north at a military base and that they are on their way to help fight the apes. A fight for power between Caesar and Koba develops and Caesar wins the battle. With Koba hanging for his life from a ledge, Koba tells Caesar "Ape shall not kill ape." Caesar responds by saying "You are not an ape" and makes Koba fall to his death.

Malcom then tells Caesar about the human reinforcement that is on the way to fight the apes. He tells Caesar for him and the rest of the apes to go back into the Muir Woods. Caesar, being the intelligent leader that he is, tells Malcom that humans will never just forgive the apes for attacking. He tells Malcom to leave with his family to a safe place. Caesar and the rest of the apes then knell down waiting for the battle to come. It is a war that Caesar never wanted, but unfortunately it is one that he will have to lead and fight.

The movie ends here and leaves us anticipating the next movie. "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" was an excellent movie that would be impossible to not enjoy. I really liked that it did not leave Caesar's roots out of the movie. It was a bit sad when you see Caesar looking at Will and himself with the camcorder. When Malcom asks Caesar who Will was, Caesar tells him that he was a good man just like him. The movie has lots of action, is sad sometimes and believe it or not is even funny at certain parts. There is a part in the movie when Koba runs into two humans. The humans pull our their guns, but Koba starts acting like a goofy and clowny circus ape to ease the humans. He starts doing tricks and flips to amuse them so that they can lower their guns down. This is funny coming from the ugly all mighty Koba. Of course, when close enough, Koba takes them out.

I would also like to say that if the 3D show is available, it is well worth it. Like I said, I kind of got set up into watching the 3D version of the movie, but I am glad it happened. Overall, this movie was great. Was it better than the first one? I'd say it was about even. Just a bit different as we see more intelligent and independent apes.

Rating: 8.8