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Cholo Adventures Review

"Cholo Adventures" is a YouTube video series that is made by two Chicano (Mexican-American) youths in the Los Angeles area. The first video that they made was simply titled "Cholo Adventures 1 - The Cholos." They then made "Cholo Adventures 2 - "How to Mark Your Territory." That was followed up with "Cholo Adventures 3 - How to Dump Your Hyna." I am not sure how far they have gotten now, but the last time I watched a "Cholo Adventure" video they were up in the episode 30s. Also, there are some videos that simply have a title to it such as "How to be a Cholo", "How to get an Asian Girl," and many others.

Each episode is made up of a skit that has to do with the title. Every single video stars "eGo." Sleepy Brown is eGo's good friend and is in most of the videos. In the skits, the two cholos always find themselves getting into bad situations. Even though they are cholos, they do get bullied around a lot.

They are really funny and the humor used in these videos is easily understood by those that grew up in the Los Angeles area, especially those that are of Mexican American decent. That is not to say that others will not find these videos funny, but some of the jokes in the videos are things that Chicanos can relate to and will find very funny.

I am personally not a person who spends a lot of time watching YouTube videos, but every once in a while, when I remember, I will search for a new episode that eGo and Sleepy Brown have made. It's funny when the video seems like a serious scene and something corny and dumb happen. There are not many shows, even on regular television that make me laugh out loud, but "Cholo Adventures" certainly does. Some episodes are better and more funnier than others, but overall "Cholo Adventures" is a great YouTube series. I think this guy eGo should get something going on regular television. Maybe George Lopez will discover and pick him up to make his name known.

If you want to have a good laugh - check out Cholo Adventures.

I have put a couple of Youtube videos here of "Cholo Adventures" for you to check out.

Grade - A