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Direct TV Internet Service Review

Direct TV has become the number one satellite television company since its establishment in 1994. As years went by, satellite became much preferred over cable television thanks to Direct TV. In years to come, Direct TV started to provide bundle packages that many customers enjoyed. Customers would be able to get a bundle package for their satellite television, home telephone and Internet service.

It must be noted however that Direct TV does not provide their own Internet service. Instead, they have contracts with Internet providers that they use for their customers. These companies are never disclosed to the customer as the bill that the customer pays is directly to Direct TV for the bundle package. Depending on the area a customer is located in, the actual Internet provider may be Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, Exede Internet, Cincinnati Bell or Windstream.

The upload and download speed for their Internet service is 1.5 megabits per second. This is alright for most Internet users, but it is much slower than other Internet service providers. What this means is that it is fast enough to keep someone who uses the Internet for email and watching videos online. General web browsing will not be a problem. If someone is into online gaming, they will have a problem with the speed.

It would be easy for someone to give a review on Direct TV and give negative statements. Some people will give these negative statements simply because their service is not as good as many other companies. Personally, I do not think that they do a bad job considering they don't provide their own Internet service. Also, some people do not need the fastest Internet service that is available out there. Like mentioned earlier, it will work fine for most people unless they are into online gaming.

Direct TV Internet is not something that most people go out hunting for. This company is the king of satellite television and have Internet and telephone services as an extra bonus to their customers. The vast majority of people who use their Internet service do so because of the bundle package. Why not get everything together and just pay one bill each month? I had Direct TV Internet service for three years and never had a problem with it. During this time, I used the Internet for blogging, to run my online businesses, watched online videos and did just about everything else I needed to. There was hardly any downtime when I couldn't connect to the Internet for whatever reason. In three years it may have happened around four times. This Direct TV review is on their Internet service and has nothing to do with their satellite television service.