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Freestyle Music

Are you a fan of freestyle music? freestyle music seems to have been a music genre that never got the credit that it really deserved, even back in it's days of the late 80's. Of course at the time when the music was getting air play it was not called freestyle music, that is just the name that they came up with years later when the music seemed to have gone away and was out of style. Still, there have been many fans of freestyle music who have never let the music die. For those of you who don't know what freestyle music is, please don't mistaken it for freestyle rap which is when a rapper starts rapping straight from the top of his head. Freestyle was music with some groovy beats that one could dance too. The music had some great beats and some of the most popular artist were Stevie B, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Noel, Cynthia, Seduction and Expose. These are just a few of the most famous ones. I always loved this music even back when it was new music and just loved that the music was dance music but also that they were love songs at the same time whether it was Stevie B singing about his "Spring Love" or Expose singing about "Seasons Changing". Freestyle music will live on forever for freestyle fans and will still pick up new fans as youngsters discover all of those old jams.

Tribute to Freestle Music