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Flyordie.com - Review

Most games that people play online are newly created games. There is nothing wrong with these types of games. We always need new games to enjoy, but it is certainly great when we have a choice to play some of the classic games that we are used of. We are not talking about old school classic arcade games, which by the way I love. We are talking about board games and billiard games such as Checkers, Four in a Row, Chess, Backgammon, 8-Ball Pool, Black Ball Pool, Snooker and Sinuka. This is just a small sample of the games available. If you want to see the full list, you can see it here or continue to the bottom of this post.

For anyone who would like to pass time playing these games on their computer, Flyordie is the perfect site to visit. You will not be playing against a computer program or anything of that sort, you will play against other players around the world. Flyordie.com is the best multi-player gaming site there is. Do you think you are great at playing checkers? If so, put your skills to test and see how good you really are. How about Chess? Think your that skilled? Compete against others and see how skilled you really are. Cheating is impossible. It is not like when you are playing at home with someone and when you go to take a restroom break they move some of the pieces on the board. Give your favorite games a try!

Players at Flyordie are able to play basic versions of all games for free. Unregistered members can play as guest if they want. Registration is free and will allow a player to have a nickname that keeps their scores on each game. For example, when you are playing a certain game, you will earn points when you win a game and will lose points when you lose a game. If you win a game against another player who has a very high score, your points earned for that win will be a lot. If you won a game against a player who has very low points, you will earn points but not that many. The same goes if you, yourself,  were a master in a certain game with lots of points. If you were to lose against a novice player who had very little points, you would lose lots of points as compared to if you were to lose against another master player.

A subscription to a Flyordie game will benefit members. Paid members get enhanced features of the game that are not available to non-subscribers. Subscribers do not have to see any ads before playing any games. Non-subscribers have to watch ads before playing the game of their choice. Subscribers are also able to get detailed statistics that are not available to others. There is a permanent buddy list to save friends so that it is known when friends are online. There is also the ability to mute others. For those who feel that they are really good at a certain game, participating in one of the periodic tournaments will test a person's skills. Subscribers also get their games in full screen if they want as opposed to non-subscribers who have no choice but to play their games in another smaller window. Every game has its own particular perks for subscribers. Subscriptions can be for one month or one year. One year subscriptions will be the cheapest method. Those who would like to give it a try will have a seven day money back guarantee and will be able to cancel during the seven days without being charged anything.

Here is a list of all of the games that Flyordie currently offers:

Dart Games

50 Double-Out

Board Games

Nine Men's Morris
Four in a Row



Action / Adventure


3D Billiards

8-Ball Pool
9-Ball Pool

Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash TP
Boulder Dash Xmas

If you're ready to start playing the games that you love, check out flyordie and you will be able to play all of these great games. I have personally noticed that Chess is usually has the most player activity and is the most popular. There are sometimes a couple of thousand people playing chess. Unfortunately for me, I do not know how to play chess. I tried to learn by playing, because I believe that it is the best way to learn. I did pick up on it, but trust me when I say that there is a long way for me to go. Now I know why people say that Chess takes a lot of skill. Usually, I play checkers when I am on the site. I have reached "Expert" level on checkers but have never had to score of a "Master." By the way, your score will put you either as a "Novice," "Amateur," "Intermediate," "Expert" or "Master." I would highly recommend Flyordie to anyone who likes to play games.

 Grade - A


ckch03 88 said...

whatever you do don't play any games at flyordie.com. it is the worst place for cheating by players and the moderators who run it as well. for example there is a player there by the name of Zamalek who will harass you and ban you for whatever reason this moderators sees fit to choose from and don't waste your money on subscription because you will be sorry if you spend your money. this game site doesn't follow its own rules or private policy and the developer or owners of this site don't care what happens so enter at your own risk but be warned stay away from it. moderators there are corrupted with cheating of there own, and when you try to report abuse to them you will get banned or blackballed or demerit points etc. this is thanks to the senior moderator and the most corrupted one there is Don Tico so that's my review folks stay away