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Power Player Blaster Super Joystick Review

The power player blaster joystick is simply a joystick that you plug into your television and are able to play the video games that are directly built into the joystick. There is no need to load any cartridges or disk because all of the games are built in already. The video games that are included in the super joystick are old school games such as Galaga, Defender, Burger Time, Millipede, 1942, Dig Dug, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, and so many others.

There was no doubt that I would have to write this post and share my experience with the power player blaster 76000. It was so cool playing all of the video games that I used to play at the arcades when I was a little kid. Here I was, a grown man still enjoying these old school video games just the same as I did a long time ago. The video games on the power player blaster are exactly the same as you remember them. The power player comes with a second joystick that can be used in games where two players can play at the same time such as the original Mario Brothers. You remember the original Mario Brothers don't you? Not Super Mario Brothers, I'm talking about the original one where Mario and Luigi play at the same time and have to defeat all of those turtles, crabs and other enemies.

Everything about the power player is great except for one thing. The AV wireswires that come with the power blaster super joystick kind of suck. They will last you a while, but chances are that they will end up messing up on you, but it is alright as you can pick up a good set of wires for only a few bucks at one of your local stores. This little issue should not even be a deciding factor in deciding if you want the power player blaster or not. The A/V wires will work that come with the game. My point is that if you don't take complete care of them to the fullest, they will end up messing up on you eventually.

The power player goes by various names such as the power player blaster, power player super joystick, power player 76,000, or power player striker. The power player is a great thing to buy if you are into the old school games. Simply put, it is a great purchase! Below you will find a link to a place I know of that sells the power player super joystick. The regular ongoing price is usually $30 to $50.

Power Player Blaster Plug and Play Video Game System

Grade: A+