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E-Bay Stores

Do you sell on E-Bay?
Ever thought about getting an E-Bay store?
Would it be worth it to get an E-Bay store?

Well that all depends on what you want to do.

Do you want to start your own small business?
Do you have a business already and would like to sell through E-Bay?

If so, having an E-Bay store will be great for you. E-Bay stores are easy to navigate, even for a beginner. It's really easy to learn how to list your items and customize the look of your store. If you only have a few items to sell then you probably don't need to have an E-Bay store, just go ahead and sell your items. I have seen many E-Bay stores out there that only have 30, 40 or 50 items in their store. I know that we all must start somewhere and this is OK at the beginning but you must have more items than this to be a real success with your E-Bay Store. Your store should have at least 100 items minimum. Having hundreds or possibly thousands of course is even better. Be sure you have the money though for your listing fees because listing many items can add up real quick even though it is only a few cents to list items.

E-Bay offers three different kinds of stores. A basic store will cost you only $15.95 per month. Premium $49.95 and Anchor Store $299.95. To start out you can just start with the basic store until you need to upgrade later when your orders start coming in. On their site you can read more details about each kind of store and what it offers.

There are many other little add ons that you can use with your E-Bay store. One example is their selling pro manager. You can use their selling pro manager if you want you manage all of your sales. There are also many promotional tools and many more add on benefits you will learn all about after visiting your site.

Many website owners open up an E-Bay store to get new customers. How many sites out there have more traffic than E-Bay? Not many! They make that sale on E-Bay then refer that customer to their website for future sales.

Of course most E-Bay Store owners don't have their own website and run their successful business 100% E-Bay. You can sell almost anything in your store. You can start out with stuff around your house you don't need or want. Some people find stuff for a cheap price at yard sales and resell it for profit on E-Bay! Some purchase wholesale bulk items, of course getting these items at bargain prices and then sell these items in their E-Bay Store.

If you would like to start an E-Bay store but have no idea what to sell perhaps you may want to check out topwholesalesources.blogspot.com - You will find different sources of wholesalers there. Some of these wholesalers even offer a dropshipping service. This basically means that you don't have to purchase up front items, you don't purchase the items until you sell it. Once you make the sale, you purchase the item from the wholesaler at the wholesale price of course and they will automatically ship it to your customer under your name. Most dropshipping wholesalers will even offer you a HTML code to paste in your E-Bay listings that will give a description of the item you are selling and a picture of the item. Some like to use dropshipping and some don't. Some would rather purchase the items in bulk first, have the items in their hands and then sell, it's up to you. Having an E-Bay store can work for you if you let it!

If you need items to sell visit - Top Wholesale Sources