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Invincible Tornado Stunt Car Review

The Invincible Tornado is one of the most famous stunt cars that there is. If you have never heard of the Invincible Tornado, it is simply a radio control car, but it is unlike other radio controlled toys that are out in the market. I don't know how long they have been around, but kids, as well as adults love these things. They are not the best radio controlled cars that are out there, but for around $30 they are more entertaining than most others that are in the same price range.

Below you will find a picture of the Invincible Tornado
 This is a red Invincible Tornado - They also come in blue
I do not think that they come in any other colors

They come in different models, but the difference of the models is hardly noticeable. I have bought about five of these things over the years and never even knew that I was buying different models until someone pointed it out to me. The difference was the design in the glass shield on top. Like I mentioned, not much of a difference, and I don't think the model number would really matter to the majority of people who buy them.

They come with a 9-volt battery for the remote control and a 7.2V rechargeable NI-MH battery pack. When the battery in fully charged and placed into the Invincible Tornado, you will get about 20 minutes of use until the batteries need to be charged up again. I am not an expert in radio controlled cars or batteries, but I wish that it would last longer. There is nothing worse than having the kids enjoy it and all of a sudden see it slowing down, and then eventually not having any juice to work at all. Recharging it does not take too long though. I have recharged these things in about 20 minutes to get it going for a while again.

There is honestly no kid that will not be entertained with the Invincible Tornado. Something I did notice is that some of them have music and some of them do not. The very first one that I bought for one of my children had a button that you could use to turn the music feature on or off. I then had a couple that had music but you were pretty much stuck with it because you could not turn it off. Then, there were two that I had bought that had no music at all. Personally, I prefer the ones without the music. Actually, the best ones are the ones that will give you the option by turning it on or off.

This is a video of the Invincible Tornado in action

The main feature of this toy is the stunts that a person can do with it. You can see some of these stunts above. Truthfully, some people are better at handling it than others. Even though it can be used in the day time, it looks best when it is night time so the lights affects really stand out. That's about it, hope you enjoyed our review of the Invincible Tornado. It really is a great toy that any kid would love. It will entertain both kids and adults.