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'Triple Your Money'

The 'Triple Your Income' program run by Unlimited Wealth Alliance' claim that you can triple your money over and over. The investment is not big, only $35.00 to join the program. I joined around 7 or 8 months ago not expecting much. The program seemed good so I figured if it works, great! If not, oh well, it's just $35. When you join the marketing plan you are furnished with your own website, which is one way you can build your 2X2 matrix, they will also provide you with links and banner ads to your new site. You also can get hard copy camera-ready material which is used if you want to recruit with circulars (fliers). If anyone joins from one of your fliers Unlimited Wealth Alliance will know that you personally recruited the new member. Besides making money you also will get training material and over 200 classic books and self help books, well worth the price of joining. Don't get me wrong here, I did not join because of these but they are some great perks, I joined because I wanted to make some money. What attracted me to this program was mainly the 2X2 matrix. All it takes is 6 people to fill your matrix. Here is a brief example from the site:

  1. The moment you have 6 people in your 2x2 matrix (two on level 1 and four on level 2) -- whether you personally sponsored them or not -- you'll earn $70.00! PLUS, you get an AUTOMATIC FREE RE-ENTRY under your sponsor ... putting you in a position to get paid AGAIN!

  2. Your Sponsor will also earn a 15% Matching Bonus ($10.00) every time you get paid. You will also earn Matching Bonuses when members you personally sponsor are paid!

  3. Your new position (matrix) under your sponsor can be filled with help from your upline, by new members you personally sponsor or when your personally sponsored members complete their matrices and are re-entered under you in your new position.

Honestly since joining I have not promoted heavily, I have a little but not nearly like I could. I will start promoting more because I truly now know it works. I have been paid numerous times already and remember, I have not tried that hard. Now I'm thinking about what I could do giving 100% effort. Experience speaks and how could I down grade this program. There is a link below for you to look into this wonderful program, there you can get more details on it and check out the pay structure more and all the other details of the program. If you decide to join you can by using your credit card, debit card, check, money order or E-Gold. Where's the Paypal? That's what I was looking for when I joined but they do not take Paypal as of this writing. I don't know why but oh well.

Triple Your Money - Click here - Link taken off due to program going belly up

Grade - A

UPDATE - This program went belly up. Something about hackers messing things up on their system. They refunded my initial $35 start up fee. Seemed like a really good thing.