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Gods Not Dead Review

I have been seeing previews all week on my television about a movie called "Gods Not Dead." I never jumped up to see it, but me and my daughter recently were having a talk and she mentioned it to me and told me that it was pretty good.

That night, I find myself alone in my living room fiddling with my laptop and Google "Gods Not Dead." Sure enough, a site is on the list that says watch Gods Not Dead. I will post the link at the end of this post in case anyone has a few hours to watch this movie after reading this post.

The movie is about a freshman college student named Josh Wheaton. Josh enrolls in a philosophy class as he works toward a law degree. During his first day in class, Professor Jeffrey Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo, yes the same Kevin Sorbo from the television series Hercules, instructs all students to write on a piece of paper that God is dead and to turn it in to him. The professor is an atheist and wants to clear his student's minds of an all mighty supreme being who lives in the sky so that he can teach his class, in his mind, the proper way. Great acting by Kevin Sorbo as is real life he is a devoted Christian man.

Josh refuses to sign the paper as he is a believer in God and the professor belittles Josh's theory in front of the class. He does give Josh a chance to explain himself though and challenges him to prove to the class that God does exist. Josh will get 20 minutes in each class during the next three lectures to prove that God exist while Radisson debates him on why God does not exist. As Josh put it, he will be the defender of God, Radisson will be the prosecutor and the class will be the jury.

Both Josh and the professor make compelling points during their arguments. Then at the third lecture, Josh simply asks the professor why he hates God so much. Radisson gives his explanation as to why he hates God and Josh then says "How can you hate something that does not exist."

The movie is sort of like a soap opera that goes back and forth from one story to the other that ultimately meet at the end, but the story of Josh and the professor are the main theme of the movie. Another story of the movie is a middle eastern girl who comes to know Christ. Her father, trying to keep his customs alive with his family scolds her when he finds out that she is a Christian.

Another story is about a news reporter who lives an atheistic lifestyle. During the movie she seems to be against Christianity as she questions the motivations of Christian people. She is fairly young and finds out that she has cancer. She also learns that her boyfriend, another atheist who lives for the world will not stand by her in her time of trouble. Her whole world is turned upside down and at the end of the movie when she goes to interview a Christian rock band right before their concert, she comes to a better understanding of Christ after talking to the rock band.

The boyfriend of the news reporter visits his mother toward the end of the movie and tells her that he doesn't even know why he is there. The mother is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and her son is a very heartless and greedy person. He mocks his mother while talking to her and tells her that she has lived her whole life for God and look at her. He also says something in the likes of how he does not live for God and look at how well his life is. All of a sudden, his mother quotes some very wise words that are inspired by God and scripture and he looks at her amazed. She then asks him "Who did you say you were again?"

If you look at some review about this movie online you will sadly see many bad ones. I watched the movie with an open mind and I will tell you that to me this was a great movie. I was touched with emotion in many of the parts of this movie. You do not have to be a Christian to enjoy "Gods Not Dead." I will say this though, I think that many atheist will get a bit offended as the movie sort of has Christianity win the debate and war. What do you expect though? It is a movie about how the almighty God is alive! I will not give too much  of the movie away, but there is a scene at the end with the professor that is unexpected. This involves him running into two pastors who spend most of the movie stuck trying to get a working rent-a-car.

I almost forgot, here is the link to the page I saw "Gods Not Dead". I don't know how good this link will be good for so I would encourage you to watch this movie ASAP. If you would like to actually purchase the DVD, you may buy Gods Not Dead here.

Rating: 9.5