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Textbroker Review

Textbroker is an article writing website that pays its writers to write articles for their clients. Although it is not blogging, like most people think of blogging, it is in very similar as you will write about a certain topic that you choose. The difference between writing for Textbroker and your own blog is that you will have to write about a certain subject that their client wants and you will get paid upfront for the articles that you write.

One of the great things about Textbroker is that you are never pressured to write a certain amount of articles and can work whenever you want. From all similar type sites, Textbroker is probably the most popular, and the board is always full of work. Many years ago, it was actually the first site of this type that I had ever discovered.

The amount of money that a person gets paid for the articles that they write will depend on how good their writing skills are. There are different star levels that Textbroker rates their writers. When a person applies to write for them, they will have to write a sample article for Textbroker, and they will review that article to determine what star level the writer will begin at.

Those with comprehensible writing skills will be rated as a two star writer and earn 0.7 cents per word. Good writers will be rated as a three star writer and earn 1.0 cents per word. Above average writers will be a four star writer and earn 1.4 cents per word. Professional writers will be a five star writer and earn 5.0 cents per word. If there was a 1000 word assignment to be done, a two star writer would earn $7 for their work. A three star writer would earn $10, a four star writer would earn $14 and a five star writer would earn $50. A writer can always move up as they improve their writing skills. It is also good to note here that a writer can be bumped down if they start doing poor articles.

When I first began writing for Textbroker, I began as a three star writer. This was many years ago and there was always assignments available. Then about two years ago, it seemed like there was hardly any work. It seemed like all of the work was for four star and five star writers. I tried to improve my writing skills to move up to a level four writer and after many months I finally did. My problem was basically comma usage and some of the other AP style rules that Textbroker goes by. Once a person gets the AP style down, learns comma usage and has good sentence structure, they should be able to make the four star team.

The assignments that are available on Textbroker are very different from each other. Some of the categories that a writer can choose from are beauty, business, finance, health, marketing, movies, music, software, news, real estate and many others. When glimpsing through the articles, a writer can glimpse at the instructions for the article and take it if they want to. If not, they can pass it up and look for something else.

There are some writers at Textbroker that earn a nice monthly income from the site. As I stated earlier, there is always work available, especially for four and five star writers. When your articles are rated by Texbroker, the editorial staff will comment on your article and let you know why they gave it the rating that they have. They will point out your mistakes so you can pay attention to your weaknesses. I honestly believe that Textbroker made me a better writer by helping me spot my writing mistakes. I am far from perfect, but becoming a four star writer on Textbroker makes me feel much more confident than being the three star writer that I once was. If you want to earn money and improve your writing skills at the same time, Textbroker is definitely for you.

I would advise anyone who wants to earn extra money from home to check out Textbroker. They are always prompt issuing payment and pay via PayPal. Even if you were to write on a part time basis, you can easily earn a nice income to supplement your current income. Heck, if you are currently unemployed, you can make it in to a full-time job to have some money rolling in until you get a new job. I will not disclose my best weeks at Textbroker, but I have had weeks there that I made more money than a lot of people make at their full-time job.

Grade: A