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Zlio Online Store

Zlio can help you set up your own online store. You pick your online store name and sell many different items, the choice is yours what you want to sell. You can sell books, computers, movies and so many other different items - It's entirely up to you what you want to sell. You pick the items you want to add to your store and they are in. You add things of your liking to your store but it will take you hours and hours to do so, not 5 minutes. The maximum number of items you can add to your store is 1000 items. Zlio let's you open up more than one store if you want. You can categorize your items in any way you want to.

When someone visits your store, finds an item of interest and then proceeds to click on it a page will pop up listing all the different merchants that are selling that product with the price that each store is selling it at. When someone buys you earn a commission of each sale. They also have pay per click merchants were you will get paid per click. You can get all the details by visiting their site here: Zlio online shop.

I thought that Zlio had some real potential but for me personally it was a big waste of time. I opened up 3 different stores and added the widgets that they supply to show off some of my stores products on my personal blogs and websites. In about a years time all I was able to earn was $0.52. I could say Zlio sucks but instead I will just say the program didn't work for me. I have now taken all of the widgets off of my blogs and sites. I know when trying to find information of Zlio on the web many will try to make it sound good so that they can try to promote it because they are trying to promote their store or get you to open up a store where they will supposedly earn commissions for bringing you aboard. I will be honest here and I am going to say it- Zlio sucks! Is it a scam, I wouldn't say that. Maybe some are earning from Zlio but for me, once again it sucked. I just started writing for e-how and in a couple of days earned $4.00. That's right in a couple days! Zlio, 52 cents in a year! It was not the traffic either because I've earned some good commissions from programs that were on the same blogs or websites that I had my Zlio widgets on. If you want to try Zlio yourself, by all means go ahead but I wouldn't waste my time.