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Netzero Review

NetZero has kept its name as one of the top Internet service providers despite sticking only to dial up internet access for years while their competitors all moved on to wireless, cable, DSL, and other advanced and faster internet connections. NetZero made a move a few years ago and now offers NetZero HiSpeed for Broadband service and DSL.

I remember years ago before I ever really played around on the Internet I used to see the NetZero - FREE INTERNET - ads all over the television while watching sports events. Sure, it was limited hours per month but you received 10 hours a month free. Well, that offer still stands today. Who else offers free internet service? No one, that's who. I mean, this has got to be the perfect situation for people who just need to get on the Internet once in a while to maybe check their E-mail, pay a few bills or do a little shopping once in a while or whatever else they need to do. If you live on the Internet this deal is not for you, after you use your 10 time up, you can not get back on the Internet until the month is over. NetZero still offers this plan completely free for those who want it. Link is right below.
Get Free NetZero Internet Access for 10 hours per month

If the free internet limited hours plan doesn't work for you and you need way more time on the Internet, NetZero has a great plan for you. If you know anything about the regular NetZero plan then you know that they offer the best price around, charging only $9.95 per month for their regular Internet service. What some don't know is that the $9.95 is not the best price you can get this service for. You can actually get regular NetZero for only $6.95 per month. Compare that with other similar services who charge as much as $24.99.

Get NetZero Internet for as low as $6.95 per month!

I do not use Netzero anymore, In fact, it has been over a decade since I have used Netzero dial-up. My mother, who rarely uses the Internet except to check her emails still uses it on her desktop that we have set up for her at her home. It would be impossible for me to use dial-up anymore with all of the activity that I do on my computer. I still think that Netzero is still providing a great service for those who just need the minimum capacity of Internet service. Where else is a person able to get free Internet service.

NetZero gets a big Grade A. Simply one of the original and best in the ISP business.