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Lego Land Amusement Park

Recently took the family to Lego Land in Carlsbad, California. It is one of the few amusement parks I had never been to here in Southern California. Of course it is not as old as the other famous ones we have here like Disneyland, Magic Mountain or Knots Berry Farm for example. I have often heard both good and bad from people about this amusement park. I've heard that they don't really have much there from people who have complained about it. Well, me and the family were about to find out.

One thing I was disappointed in was their operating hours. We went on a Sunday so they opened at 10 AM and closed at 5 PM, I'm used of other parks closing at 9, 10 or sometimes 11PM. I thought, OK, maybe there is not so much to do there and that's why they close kind of early.

Another disappointment was the price to get in the place. It is $59 for an adult and $47 for a child 3-12 or seniors 60+ - same price as kids. Now this is expensive! Luckily I had some coupons that if you pay for an adult you get a child in free. It was me, the wife, my mother, my three kids and our baby who is free. So we needed three coupons which I had and paid $177 for us three adults to get in and the three kids were free. Thank god for those coupons, saved a bundle!

Mini Town was great! Can you believe all of that is made of Lego's? Amazing!

Once on the outside of the park we saw a family made of Legos and if it is the first time you've been there like us, you are truly amazed what they can do with Legos. At first glance I thought they were a real family until we got close enough. We then went in the park and saw more cool figures made of Legos. There was Batman, Darth Vader and others. We then took the kids on a few rides, I will not mention every ride we went on there just a few favorites.

Splash Battle Pirate Shores - I'd have to say that this ride was the funnest there. You can say this is a water ride. You board these Pirate Ships and it goes slowly around making turns here and there. The fun part is that you have canons you can shoot and make your best watery shot at other ships. Of course this means that they can shoot you too and they are not the only ones. There are other people, who are not on the ride but outside of the ride shooting water from the canons at you, of course you can shoot them back. After you get off the ride you may want to become one of those people and shoot the riders.

Miniland USA - This is a part of the park where you can walk around and see what it possible with Legos. They have built here Southern California, New York City, San Fransisco, New Orleans. It's really amazing what these folks do here. Oh yeah, Las Vegas is another one they do. I can't think of the rest right now but no matter what you think you have seen before, you have never seen anything like this.

Kid Power Towers is a fun ride were you have a rope and pull yourself up high. To fall you just let the rope go. This is one of the fun rides for the family. For the people who had told me that this place did not have much to do - I think they are crazy because there are so many rides here that we did not even have enough time during the whole day to experience them all. Another thing is all the rides were very enjoyable and they have a little of everything for all age groups. They have the Junior Driving School (kids around 4), Volvo driving school for kids that are bigger (around 7-11), Lego Technic Coaster (8-13). These rides I'm saying are not limited to that age but just an idea who would enjoy what. The kids will also find it pretty cool when they get their drivers license after completing the driving school rides.

Even though Legoland concentrates on children they also have a few rides for the adult thrill seekers. They have here Knights Tournament Knights Fever, it basically looks like a giant robots arm that holds you at the hand part and twist and turns you like crazy. I noticed that some riders were twisting and turning more quickly and their ride just seemed more crazy than others. I later found out that you can pick your intensity level for your ride. I didn't get a chance to go on this one but next time I definitely will.

We saw a cool show called Kevin Johnson's magic show for kids. I thought it would be a little comedy show for the kids to enjoy but we adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids - Honest! The guy was funny as heck and is a gifted ventriloquist. He also does a couple tricks that have you wondering how he did it. I heard that Kevin Johnson has come on the David Letterman show before. This guy has talent!

I will have to say that I had no complains about Legoland and really enjoyed our trip there. My whole family enjoyed it! If I would have to complain about anything it would only be the operating hours and the price, the price being the main thing here. Way too expensive.