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Tooth Fairy Review

Tooth Fairy features Dwayne Johnson (AKA the Rock), who plays Derek Thompson, a has been professional hockey player who is dating Carly (Ashley Judd), the mother of two children. Though once one of the greatest hockey players in the game, Derek is nearing the end of his great career after suffering a shoulder injury years ago, Derek keeps his names in the sports headlines though by becoming known for knocking opposing players teeth out during hockey games instead of scoring.

Derek goes through a tough time being accepted by Carly's son who is around 11 or 12 years old, but is openly accepted by her daughter who is probably around 4 years old. when Carly's daughter has a tooth fall out and has dreams of the tooth fairy taking her tooth at night and doing what tooth fairy's do, Derek almost spoils her dreams by telling her the truth about tooth fairy's before being stopped by Carly. This act leads to a visit from those in tooth fairy land who accuse Derek of destroying dreams which leads to Derek being assigned as a tooth fairy for a specific time. Though unwilling to carry on his duties as a tooth fairy, Derek realizes that he must carry on through.


Tooth Fairy is a great family movie that the kids and any open minded adult will love. If your a guy who is looking for a tough action movie with the Rock in it, you are not going to like Tooth Fairy. The movie has a terrific sense of family humor in it and will make you chuckle a few times here and there. Tooth Fairy also has a great moral story to it as it teaches a lesson that if you never try something, you will never know if you will succeed at it. This is a lesson that Derek tries to teach Carly's son during the movie, but then realizes that he has to take his own advice. Tooth Fairy also introduces lots of tooth fairy tools that kids will love such as shrinking paste, invisible spray, and the cat away. Tooth Fairy is not going to be the movie of the year or anything but it is definitely a great movie to see unless your a tough guy who says that a movie sucks unless their is some tough guy action going on.

Rating 7.5