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Samsung Freeform Cell Phone Review

The Samsung Freeform cell phone is a popular cell phone offered by Metro PCS and others. Here we will give our review on the Samsung Freeform cell phone and let you know if the phone is worth buying or not. This cell phone comes in red and dark grey (which almost looks black.) Features on this phone are web access, navigator, pocket express, mobile IM, email, the 1.3 megapixel camera, memory card support, bluetooth technology, the MP3 music player, and much more.

The Samsung Freeform cell phone offers a cool keyboard for quick and easy text messaging, there is no need to hit a certain key a number of times just to get the letter that you want. You just use the keyboard to type just like you would on a regular computer keyboard. This keyboard feature is a very important feature for those who text alot.

The big and wide screen of the Samsung Freeform cell phone is really cool on this cell phone. It is especially pleasing to those who get this phone after using a cell phone that has a small screen. The big wide screen is cool for you to display your customized wallpapper picture, which can be any pic you want. The big and wide screen is also great when viewing things on the Internet or using the navigator feature.

Pocket Express is a cool feature that these phones come with that will give you instant access to things such as current sports scores and schedules, the local weather, entertainment, maps, stocks info, and late breaking news.. This is a great little feature that will keep you up to date with everything.

The 1.3 megapixel camera is a really great camera that comes with the Samsung Freeform cell phone. Pics come out nice and clear and it is easy to send and receive pic messages with others. Using a memory card, pics are easy to transfer to and from your computer.

The MP3 player that comes on this phone is great. Load up your music on your Samsung Freeform cell phone and listen to your jams. Listen with earphones, or let your phones speakers play your music. With your earphones you can also use bluetooth technology to use hands free cell phone use while driving.

The $80 price on this cell phone is by far one of the best cell phone deals out there.

Grade: A