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Bukisa Review

If you enjoy writing and want to make money in the process, one might want to consider writing for Bukisa. Bukisa is a freelance writers website were writers get rewarded for their articles. You can write an article about almost anything on Bukisa and share your knowledge with others. No previous writing experience is needed to write for Bukisa and registration is free. If you are already a freelance writer you will definitely want to give Bukisa a try. If you have not written before and think that you may have a hidden talent in writing articles and want to earn money for it you are also encouraged to check out Bukisa.

Unlike many writing sites that pay their writers on pay per click ads or some other ad revenue method, Bukisa simply pays on page views. The more people that view your articles, the more money the writer will earn. Bukisa will pay you according to their index which at the time of this writing is 3.53, what this means is that for every 1000 page views you get for your articles you will earn $3.53. Bukisa's index changes each month but as the site gains more popularity, expect the index to grow. 1000 views may seem like a lot of views to some people but if you have lots of articles on Bukisa, 1000 articles is not so hard to attain. For instance if you had 100 articles on Bukisa and each article were to get 500 page views per month then you would earn $175 per month. It may not sound like so much to some people but this is just an example of earnings. There are people who make thousands of dollars each and every month writing for Bukisa. Some of your articles may get very little page views and some may get thousands and thousands of page views month after month all by themselves.

If you are interested in joining Bukisa or want to learn more about their great opportunity, a banner link has been provided for you just below here, after going to the site click on the join link to become a Bukisa member. After joining and learning more you may want to set yourself a goal by writing 3 articles a day. Do you realize that by just writing 3 articles per day that you can have around 90 articles up in one month. Continue this for 6 months and that is 540 articles! The earnings are limitless if you just put the effort into it!

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Bukisa gets an A+ rating as this website delivers to its writers and has proven to be a great source for freelance writers to earn.