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Bukisa Review

I feel really silly doing a review about Bukisa in 2017, but I could not stand looking at the previous review that I did about Bukisa back in 2009. I have basically completely deleted that review and am updating it here. Freelance writers who have been around for a while may remember Bukisa. Those new to the game may not and will get a brief history lesson about Bukisa here.

Bukisa was a freelance writer website that I joined in 2008. A theme of the site was to share your knowledge with the world by writing articles about any topics of your choice. When I joined, Bukisa seemed like a promising and up and coming website. As a writer on the website, you were promised to get paid by the number of views that your articles received. When I joined, the pay rate was $3.53 for every 1000 views. The pay for every 1000 views changed daily as Bukisa went by what they called an index. I submitted a few articles, but then a few months later their method of payment changed and they began to start a revenue sharing program by using Google Adsense. This seemed great and seemed more promising to writers as we would get paid from Google Adsense clicks.

I was excited about Bukisa's new method of payment and ended up submitting about 20 articles. Throughout the months, I would check my daily earnings, and I would earn a few pennies every day. When I say pennies I am literally talking about one or two cents per day. At that time, and even now, I give no blame to Bukisa for the small earnings. Every once in a while I would log on to Bukisa to check for any new comments on my articles or just to see what was going on with the website. Eventually, I found myself logging into Bukisa about once every six months.

Around 2013, Bukisa began to have all sorts of problems, and they were no longer running their Adsense revenue sharing program anymore. Okay, no problem with that as Bukisa owns their website and can do as they please. The problem was that my articles, along with all of the other writer's articles were still up on the website. Even though I was earning pennies off of my articles, those were my pennies, and I did not want Bukisa making money off of the hard work that I did. I wrote to them through their contact link and told them that I would like to take my articles off of their website, but I never received a response back.

I have to let it be known that Bukisa is never the first thing on my mind when I turn on my computer, and the only time I think of them is when I go through my bookmarks and see Bukisa there. This is why I am writing this article today about them. Since 2013, I have probably logged into Bukisa about five times. Each time I logged in I would write to them and ask for my articles back and for them to be taken off of their website. Never once did I receive a response back. I must note that eventually when writers would try to log into their account they would end up on Bukisa's maintenance mode page. On that page, Bukisa had a notice that said "Bukisa is no longer offering the ability to create new user accounts or to login to existing ones. If you would like to access your account and content please contact our support staff directly. As I mentioned earlier, I wrote to them numerous times and never received a response. What a waste of time as they never seemed to have any intention to return the articles to their former writers.

Today is May 11, 2017, and Bukisa has pretty much been in the grave for years, but the Bukisa website is still up on the Internet. Today, when I went on the website, there is no longer a link to log into your account. I can't even see the articles that I want back anymore, and with my memory faded I don't even remember what the articles were about. When you try to contact Bukisa through their contact link, it does not work anymore. You can fill in your information, but once you hit submit you will just see a "one moment please" text come up on the screen, but that is as far as it will go, and your message will not go through.

The FAQ page is now completely blank. Am I angry with Bukisa? Not really - But I would be telling a lie if I said that I did not want my articles back. I don't even know if they are still on their site because I cannot remember the articles to even look them up. I do know for a fact that when Bukisa first starting having their problems my articles were up on their site, and that did not sit well with me. At that time you could still log in and see your articles even though there was no Adsense revenue sharing going on anymore. The thought of having emailed them throughout the years and never getting a reply is pretty annoying. It seems like this company just never really cared much about the writers that made their site at least a little bit known at one time. I sincerely believe that almost all of the articles that they currently have on their website were written by their former writers'. I also believe that they never returned any of the content back to the writers when requested.

Bukisa - Have a happy death. I know it has been years since you first went into the grave, and trust me when I say that I will not miss you! You are being deleted from my bookmarks (which I should have been done a long time ago) and you will never cross my mind again. You will never have a high ranking on a search engine to remind me of you when I look something up as you have been buried by Google and the other search engines. You must have really pissed them off! Bukisa has now received a permanent deletion from my bookmarks and my memory!

With all of that said, if you are a writer looking for legit writing opportunities to earn cash, we will be updating our 2017 list of the best places to write.

UPDATE: On 06-06-17 I received an email from Bukisa. No they were not responding to any of my emails to them. The email stated as follows.

Thank you for being a valuded Bukisa member. We regret to inform you that Bukisa will be closing down effective July 6th, 2017. At that time we will automatically be closing all accounts and removing all content from the website. We have decided to discontinue the service due to the limited traction it gets these days. If you have any questions between now and January 10th, please email me at simon@bukisa.com. 

Now I am wondering if I should write to them and ask for my articles back. It will probably be a waste of time. I am undecided at this point.

Bukisa gets an F rating: The owners of this website never had good communications with their writers and simply ignored them when all they wanted was their articles back.