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Light up Double Sided Disco Ball Wand Review

With so many light up toys and gadgets out there, I always like when I find something that is unique. I don't know how long these light up double sided disco ball wands have been around, but I have never seen the product before. When I bought it, I did not expect something that was really spectacular, but when I received it, I was truly amazed with it. It has red, blue, green and many other colors that will give any room disco lights bounding of its walls.

Almost everyone enjoys LED toys. As human beings, there is just something about lights that attract us. This is why the Disneyland Parade is filled with lights. This is why any smart brick and mortar storefront owner will have a fancy light up sign with the name of the business. Lights get attention!

This double sided disco ball wand has three functions to it. What this means is that it will put out three different various light shows. There is a button on the wand that is used to turn it on and off. Press it once and you will get blinking lights, press it again and you will get fading lights, press it again and you will get a show with both blinking and fading lights.

I have not went anywhere with it yet, but I am surely going to take it to the next night time event I go to. When used in the dark (which is what it is really for) you not only see the two disco balls on each end of the wand light up, but you also see the lights reflecting off of everything else in your surroundings. The walls, ceiling, floor and everything else shows the cool light show going on.

For anybody going to a concert, rave or having a night time party event, I would truly recommend getting at least one of these things. This product is truly something that people of all ages will enjoy. All adults will love it and want to mess around with it. Imagine doing your new dance moves on the floor while holding this thing - that would be an awesome sight! Kids will also of course be fascinated with it and will not want to put it down.

Mine came with the batteries included with it. I do not have the light up double sided disco ball wand with me right now as I write this post so I do not remember if it uses AA or AAA batteries, but it uses three batteries. Also, the price of $12 that I paid for it is also not bad for something that will give hours of entertainment.

Grade: A