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Dear Mr. Jesus

If you have never heard the song "Dear Mr. Jesus" then you have missed one of the most touching songs that has ever been made. The song is about abused children and is from the album "Shelters from the storm" by PowerSource. The main vocals of the song are by 9 year old Sharon Batts and was made in the mid 80's. I had never personally heard the song until around the year 2001 when a local radio station kept playing it around Christmas time. After Christmas ended though they never played it anymore and I had to get this song. I finally found where to get the CD. Here is the link to where I got it. http://www.songtracker.com/music.html

You can hear the song below. After purchasing the CD I found that I also enjoyed all the other songs on the album too. Very good job also to Richard Klender who wrote and composed the music for "Dr Mr. Jesus".