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1Q.com Review

1Q is a question and answer company that pays members for answering questions. Unlike many other websites that have your average Joe ask questions, IQ works a bit different. Instead, it is companies that are asking the questions for marketing research purposes. By taking this approach, companies have found a viable and less costly solution for their marketing research. The best part for all of us is that we get paid to answer these questions! Below is my personal experience with 1Q.

Signing Up For 1Q

Signing up for this website was very quick and easy. I would say it took me no more than five minutes. It just asks you some basic information such as your name, address, demographics, location and a few other basic things. Of course, there is no charge to sign up with 1Q. We all want to make money answering questions and paying anything to sign up would be ridiculous. From all of the question and answer websites that I have signed up with so far 1Q's sign up process has been one of the most pleasant. I definitely never want to sign up with a company that is asking for my drivers license, gives tests that will take me two hours to complete and a bunch of other nonsense. I am not totally against a long application process, but unless a question and answer website is going to pay me the salary that I can earn at a full-time job, I don't really think it is worth it. Signing up with 1Q was a simple and to the point process.

What kind of Questions do I Have to Answer?

After signing up I had no idea what kind of questions I would receive. Here are the first two questions that I received so that you can get a general idea.

1. Which products have you purchased in the past 6 months?
2. What hair care product types have you purchased within the past 6 months?

Don't worry! No lengthy answers are needed. These are multiple choice questions, and you just have to check off the products from the options that they give you. For example, for question number two the options were hair color, conditioner, styling, shampoo and treatment. You would just have to check off the products that you have purchased within the past six months. You can choose more than one. Very simple to do!

How am I Notified When There are Questions to Answer?

To answer questions for 1Q you will need a mobile phone. All questions that need to be answered are delivered to you on your cell phone. Questions can be answered through regular text messages or through the 1Q app. I did not try the text message experience and immediately downloaded the 1Q app after signing up. Through the app I get notified whenever a new question is asked. I would advise anybody that registers to use the app as it is very simple to use.

How Much Does 1Q Pay?

During the sign up process you will be asked to choose a payment option of either $.25 or $.50. This is cents and not dollars! Notice the decimal there! What this is basically asking you is whether you are open to receive 25 cents questions or 50 cents questions. By choosing $.25 you will receive more questions. Why? Because if you choose $.50 you will only receive the $.50 questions. By choosing $.25 you will receive both the 25 cents questions and the 50 cents questions. I naturally signed up for the $.25 option, and I would advise everybody else to do so also. It would make no sense to limit the amount of questions that you receive and lower your earning potential!

How Many Questions Will I Receive?

This is something that nobody can answer. Different people will receive a different amount of questions each day. How do they base who new questions will go to? It may be by your age, location, etc. Don't expect to get 20 questions a day because it is not going to happen. Below I will show you the amount of questions that I received during my first couple of weeks using 1Q and how much I earned.

Day 1: 0 questions - Earned $0.00
Day 2: 1 question - Earned $0.25
Day 3: 2 questions - Earned $0.50
Day 4: 2 questions - Earned $0.75 (Had a $0.50 question)
Day 5: 0 questions - Earned $0.00
Day 6: 3 questions - Earned $0.75
Day 7: 1 question - Earned $0.00 (Missed the question)
Day 8: 1 question - Earned $0.25
Day 9: 3 questions - Earned $0.75
Day 10: 2 questions - Earned $0.25 (Missed a question)
Day 11: 1 question - Earned $0.25
Day 12: 2 questions - Earned $0.50
Day 13: 0 questions - Earned $0.00
Day 14: 4 questions - Earned $1.00

During my first two weeks I earned $5.25. During my first month I ended up earning $9.00. No bad for doing nothing but taking a few seconds of my time and answering a few easy questions. Sure, it is not a lot of money, but it is basically a free pack of cigarettes, or a free Jack In the Box meal. If I saved the money for a whole year that would be a free $100 or so. The number of questions really varies. There will be times when you only receive 4 or 5 questions a week. Then there are times when you will receive 10 questions a week. I have read claims from people that they have earned $50 a month with 1Q. I wish I could say that, but unfortunately I have not even come close to that, and I have been using the app for 6 months as of this writing. I don't know if those claims are true. If they are good for them. With that said, I don't mind the $10 or so per month for what to me is basically doing nothing.

As noted above, there were two questions that I did not answer because I slept a bit late on those particular days, and the questions came in early in the morning. When that happens, you will of course not answer and won't get credited. I am not sure how long you have to answer a question once it is sent to you. All the questions that I have answered I answered right away. You are alerted that you have a new question as your phone will beep. The reason I know that I missed those questions is because the app let's you know. As you answer questions, you will see a list of the questions that you have answered such as shown below.

Other Things to Know About 1Q: 

In order to get paid by 1Q you will need a PayPal account. Chances are you already have a PayPal account or at least know about PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can easily sign up for one.

I would like to mention that 1Q immediately deposits your payment into your PayPal account after you answer a question. They don't hold on to your money until it reaches a certain threshold. It's pretty nice having quarters dropped into your PayPal account simply for answering questions.

Overall Personal Experience With 1Q:

For anybody that wants to earn some extra cash by simply answering questions, 1Q is an option that should be considered. A person would have to be out of their mind if they thought that they were going to become a millionaire doing this, but if you are like me and believe that small change adds up, you are going to want to give 1Q a try. With the number of companies that are using 1Q continuing to grow, the number of questions received will only grow. This will of course mean more money in your PayPal account! Want to give 1Q a try? Sign up here and start earning those quarters!