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Finger Lights Review

Usually, cheap toys that cost $10 or under are that price for a reason. LED Finger lights are one of those low priced toys that do not live up to being a cheap toy. These things are actually wonderful as they can be used for fun or for some kind of  project. They can be found in a local neighborhood brick and mortar store or online.

Finger lights usually come with 4 in a package. The colors are usually white, red, blue and green. They can be used for parties as a give away item to the guest. We are not only talking kids here as this is an item that adults even seem to enjoy. Teenagers are big fans of finger lights for when they go to raves or are in a dark dancing environment.  Those who like to read can find use with white finger lights as they are very bright to make reading in the dark easy. Basically, everyone can find a use for finger lights.

Why have I bought finger lights? I have always kept some of these things in my home for all of my kids birthday parties. I also keep some white ones in my glove department of my vehicle in case of an emergency need of light. They also came very useful last year when we had a blackout in my neighborhood. Instead of going and getting some candles, we just lite up some white finger light all around the house.

A couple of weeks ago, my back tail lights of my truck stopped working, and I had to get home from where I was at. It was after dark and my brother made a joke that I should use finger lights. I laughed it off at first, then something clicked in my head. I told him that it was actually not a bad idea, and I got some of the red finger lights that I had with me and taped them onto the back lights. You could not even tell that they were there as they made my tail lights look like the real lights were on. The only way you could tell was if you were real close standing right behind the truck. This sure beat taking the chance of getting pulled over. Finger lights are always great to have around - just ask my mom and sister who keep white finger lights chained on their purses.

I have bought finger lights on several different occasions and have noticed something. Sometimes, they come with an elastic strap that goes around your fingers and other times they come with rubber bands instead. Personally, I prefer the elastic as the rubber bands seem to break too easy; especially when they have been sitting for a while and the rubber bands start cracking. One of the cons of finger lights is that it is really hard to change the batteries. I do not think that they are even meant to have the batteries changed. Although, I did succeed a few times. It does not matter though as they are so inexpensive that it is easier to just buy more.

The best prices for these thing are online. I paid $5 for a set of 4 at a local brick-and-mortar store the first time I bought them. I later discovered better deals online and even offers where you could get a particular color. Online, you can find them for as cheap as $7 for 40 of them. If you are a person who is looking for the perfect party gift addition, you will definitely want to pick up some finger lights.

Best site I have found to get finger lights:

Grade - A+