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The Marine - Review

Plot Description Listed First - Review Follows


The film centers around former US Marine John Triton (John Cena) who is discharged for disobeying a direct command in order to save three of his fellow marines while serving in Iraq.

After returning home, he finds work as a security guard. Not used to life outside of the Marines, he becomes depressed. His wife Kate (Kelly Carlson) suggests they take a trip to South Carolina to spend some time together and take their minds off of things. In the midst of their trip, they find themselves caught in the crossfire of a shootout between police officers and diamond thieves in a gas station. The thieves, led by Rome (Robert Patrick), kidnap Kate and blow up the station in order to facilitate their escape.

Triton commandeers a police vehicle and starts a pursuit of the thieves to save his wife. When Van Buren, a police detective, appears to want to help Triton, he later reveals himself to be another business partner of Rome's. Triton continues to pursue Rome and finds him in an abandoned bar by a lake. There, he kills most of the thieves but before he can save his wife, Van Buren shows up, angered that Rome has cut him loose.

With this distraction, Rome's girlfriend Angela drags Kate out of the bar and puts her in the trunk of their car. Back inside, Rome kills Van Buren and then blows up the bar, Triton narrowly escapes. Rome and Angela steal a truck in order to get rid of their car and then handcuff Kate inside. Triton soon catches up with them and tosses Angela out the window of the cab.

Before he can climb in however, they arrive at a marina and Rome ends up driving the truck into the bay with Kate still inside. He jumps out and attacks Triton. They fight in the now flaming marina until eventually, Rome is seemingly killed when he is crushed by a pile of flaming debris. Triton then jumps into the water to save Kate. He pulls her from the truck, aware that she is unconscious and begins CPR. At first there is no response, but he is determined not to give up. His efforts prove right and Kate comes to, alive and well. The danger is not over however, as Rome suddenly appears, horribly burnt, and wraps a chain around Triton's neck. Triton retaliates by pulling the chain off, putting it around Rome's neck, and flipping him over, breaking his neck. As sirens wail, John comments that they should have just gone to the beach.


I think WWE wrestler John Cena did a terrific job in this movie especially for this being his first movie, at least I am not aware of him ever making another movie. Don't get me wrong, he will not win any acting awards or anything but it was a great movie and he played his part very well. The Marine is an action movie but has some humor in it that will make you laugh, sort of an action-comedy movie which are usually my favorite type of movies. One example that I could think of off hand is the old action-comedy movie starring Robert De Niro called Midnight Run. In 'The Marine' the bad guys are really funny in the movie, even though they are not trying to be and are serious criminals. They are real sloppy about their whole criminal activity and Cena is trying to rescue his beautiful wife from these diamond thieves. The action in the movie is pretty cool, you do see some of Cena's wrestling skills in one part of the movie when he choke slams one of the kidnappers. There are a couple surprises in the movie, one surprise is when some people are involved in certain things that you had no idea that they were in on. This movie is a movie that I would find hard for anyone to hate unless of course you are one of those wrestling fans who can not help to hate John Cena though you may learn to like him a little bit after you see the movie. Not a must see movie or anything like that but a good movie worth seeing, it will keep you entertained.