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Tumbling Stunt Car Review

During the holiday season, I got all of the little boys in my family the "Tumbling Stunt Car." The "Tumbling Stunt Car" is a battery operated light up toy that seemed like an inexpensive toy that the kids would love. I was going to get them the remote controlled "Invincible Tornado", which some of them have had before, but I had to give gifts to ten kids so the price was a little too steep when you are talking about that many gifts. This one seemed like it would be kind of similar minus the remote control.

When I received the items at my front door step, they all came in one package. I had to test one to make sure that I thought it was good enough to give the kids. They did not come with batteries, but I did not expect them to so that was not a problem. I put the four AA batteries in, flicked the on switch and I had loud music playing, wheels spinning and a glowy light up car. I hadn't even put the car on the ground yet. As soon as I put the car on the ground it took off. At first it was not as fast as I thought it would be, but the problem was that I had put it down on the living room rug. It will go on the rug, but not as fast as it should. Also, if you put it on the rug, you risk the hairs of the rug getting caught up in the tires. This had happened to one of my nephews, but I was able to pull out the tangled rug hairs from the tires, but it never seemed to run the same.

I then went into another room at my home that has a wooden floor and put the Tumbling Stunt Car down. It took off at maximum speed, and I was impressed. Whenever it hit the wall or something else, it flipped over to the other side and continued on its way. Another cool thing is that there is a drivers head sticking out of the car while its moving, and when it flips over to the other side, that driver's head is now under the car (that you now cannot see), but another driver's head appears. No matter what side of the car is up, there will always be a driver's head exposed. I then turned off the lights to see how this thing looks in the dark, and the light up tires were very bright.

Above is a pic of the "Tumbling Stunt Car."

One of the great things that I liked about the Tumbling Stunt Car is that all you have to do is turn it on and watch it go. The ease of use is great for smaller children who may have trouble using a remote control car. I must say that this toy is not only for boys. The little girls in the family also like it. There is just something about a light up car that runs nonstop crashing into things and then flipping over and going into the opposite direction that children love. My nephews thought it was fun to race their cars outside once the sun went down. I have to say that they had a lot of fun with their Tumbling Stunt Cars.

There is only one thing that people can complain about these cars, and it won't be the kids complaining. Many adults may find the music annoying. At first it may be alright, but after a half hour of the constant music coming from the Tumbling Stunt Car, adults may start looking for a button to turn the music off. Unfortunately, there is no button or switch to turn the music off. It is an all or nothing toy. If someone wants to, it is easy to reduce the volume though. By putting a little piece of duct tape over the speaker, the music will be much lower

I would recommend the Tumbling Stunt Car to anyone who wants to get a good gift for about $15. You will not be spending so little and getting a really cheap toy that you may embarrassed of, but you will also not be spending a fortune that you don't have. By the way, as I write this post we are in March. The kids received their Tumbling Stunt Cars on Christmas, so it has been about ten weeks now. Half of the kids cars are still working and the others are not. Of course, the kids that have the broken ones abused them pretty badly so I cannot knock the toy for its toughness.

Grade - B