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I don't care what anyone says about Wal-mart. It is the greatest store that exist! I know, I know many have criticized it before and some have fought to keep the giant store from coming into their town, talk about the union subject has been going on for years but I am coming at this from a consumers point of view.

While I was doing my Christmas shopping this year I first stopped at 'Best Buy' to get a laptop vehicle charger for my brother, you know the one where you can charge by plugging it in a cigarette lighter socket. I was surprised at how much they cost. I paid $65.00 for it. Didn't have it planned to spend that much on my brother but oh well, that's what he's been wanting.

A few days later I go to Wal-Mart with my wife. My wife goes there often and always tells me how inexpensive they are and the great prices you can find there. I always thought to myself "OK, I'm sure they are cheaper at some things and other stores are cheaper at other things, I doubt they are so much cheaper".

While in Wal-Mart I learned to always listen to the wife when it comes to these things because you know what, she was right (Like Always). I found great deals on many items and we actually did 80% of our Christmas shopping there.

Remember that laptop vehicle charger that I bought for my brother at that other store. You know, the one I paid $65.00 for. Well It was in Wal-Mart for $29.99. Yes, I felt like an idiot. I mean, it wasn't a couple bucks cheaper or anything. If it had been $60 or so at Wal-Mart it would be no big deal to me but you are talking over double the price here!

Also purchased a couple kids bikes for my daughters at Wal-Mart. Great deal there too because for the same bikes at Toys'R'Us it would have cost me $40 more out of my pocket.

We found many, many and I mean MANY deals there and for now on I will always do most of my shopping there. I don't have one in my town, the closest one is 12 miles away a couple cities over but the drive will be well worth the savings. For those who I used to see on the news who didn't want a Wal-Mart in your town all I can say is "YOUR CRAZY"! If I don't want to take the 12 mile drive - NO PROBLEM! - I'll just go to their website, you can too with the link below. Happy Shopping!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC