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The Voice - Season 4 - Review

I would have been the last person to ever think that I would get into 'The Voice.' I am not normally into these type of television shows, but I will admit that I did not miss one episode of season four. To be honest, the first episode of the season was on my television coincidentally, and I just so happen to get into it. I tried to watch the show years ago because I always had a crush on Christina Aguilera since the 'Genie in a bottle' years, but after twenty or so minutes the show bored me. As I heard the background noise on my television, I noticed that Shakira was on the show replacing Christina, and that got me looking at the show. I then realized Usher was on the show and that was pretty cool. The other two I did not know. I am not a country guy so I had no idea who Blake Shelton was and even though I had heard of Marron 5, I did not know any of their music and had no idea who Adam Levine was. I was later told by one of my kids that he sings 'Move like Jagger.' This song I knew because of all the radio play it received.

The first thing that got my attention on the show was 'The Morgan Twins.' When I heard these twins sing an Alicia Keys song the way they did, I could not believe how good they sounded. I was not looking at the television when they began singing and when I looked and seen that they were two blond girls, it surprised the heck out of me. By looking at them, you would never think that they had so much soul in them.

There were many good singers on the show, and I realized that this show did not operate the way American Idol does. Everybody on the show had a decent voice. The last singer to perform on the show was Judith Hill and she was certainly a show stopper. Her voice was simply amazing and she immediately became the favorite to win the show. Honestly, it did not even seem fair to the other singers as they wold not have a chance of winning with Judith Hill on the show.

As the show went on, it became more and more entertaining. You get to like the judges and find out that Blake Shelton is a pretty funny guy. Him and Adam Levine certainly would make a good comedy team. You also get to know Shakira and Usher better and see their full personalities come out. The four judges all seemed to have a good chemistry together.

The blind auditions, battle rounds, knockout rounds and live shows were all really good. Every viewer ends up getting their favorite singers on the show and hopes that they do not get knocked out. Of course, someone is always getting knocked out of the competition week after week.

My Beef With the Show:

First off, I have to say that I really loved the show at first, but it seemed that as singers were getting eliminated it seemed to be more and more set up. I do understand that competition is competition but it was pretty ridiculous. Many of the best singers were eliminated way before they should have and some that should have gotten eliminated way earlier were there in the finals. The biggest beef I had was Judith Hill getting eliminated. I can't exactly remember, but I don't think she made the final 6. This was just crazy! The girl had the voice of a professional singer, and she really knew how to entertain the crowd. Even the judges would say time after time again that she had no flaws. If you were to really think about it she probably had a better voice than all four of the judges. She was the main reason that lots of people even watched the show. I know America votes, but this was just nuts. Even though she was eliminated, I do believe that she will become the biggest star out of the show. Is anyone really going to tell me that Danielle Bradbery has a better voice than Judith Hill?  Don't get me wrong; I like Danielle and she has a good voice, but it is insane to compare the two.

This brings me to the Swan Brothers. I started to like these guys more and more as the show went on, but they should not have even made the top 10. Sasha, Amber Carrington, Kris Thomas, Cathia, Holly Tucker, Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser were all so much better. Michelle Chameul, I do believe deserved to be where she got and I was actually going for her at the end.

I had made a promise to myself that I would not watch 'The Voice' anymore after Judith Hill was eliminated. I did not honor my promise though. Will I be watching next season? I don't think so. If I do, it will be just to see Christina Aguilera and Christina Milian. It seems that the show favors country artists, and it does not seem like fair game to me. The true talent is not being honored.

Grade - C