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Amazon.com Afiliate Program

Affiliate programs are something that can benefit all webmasters and generate some extra cash. Most affiliate programs will at least offer you a 30 day cookie which means that if someone clicks on the affiliate ad from your site and does not make a purchase right away but then decides to go back to the site and purchase within the next 30 days, you will earn your commission. Many affiliate programs even offer 60 or 90 day cookies. There is one popular affiliate program from a company highly recognized and that company is Amazon. Amazon would seem like a great affiliate program because of name recognition and there great ability to target visitors of your website with things they may be interested in purchasing, there lay out for the ads is also quite impressive. The bad thing is Amazon offers only a one day cookie which means that if someone clicks on their ad from your site, does not purchase right away, goes back and purchases in a couple days from them, then you earn absolutely nothing. That's right, you just made a sale for them and earn nothing! Now, Amazon does not need you referring anybody do they, they are a big company that can get by without you. But they should give credit where credit is deserved. But it is their business and if they want to offer a one day cookie then that is their choice. It is also your choice if you want to be an affiliate for them. I would choose to pass on this! The 4% commission they pay isn't so great either, but that would not stop me from being an affiliate for them. The one day cookie with Amazon is the main thing stopping me from ever being and Amazon affiliate.

Grade = F