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Light Up Ninja Sword Review

As many of you know, I am a sucker for light up toys. I always enjoyed them as a kid and having children of my own, I guess you could say that I kind of passed down the enjoyment of light up toys. Our latest review has to do with light up ninja swords. Our recent purchase of this item came about during this past Halloween. With my 8 year old being a Ninja for Halloween, we needed a cool ninja sword to go with his costume. We purchased his ninja costume at our local Party City store. The costume did not come with any type of sword. They had some ninja swords there that were sold separately, but we passed them up as we wanted something a little bit cooler. We wanted a ninja sword that lights up! The ones that Party City had were alright, but they were just plain plastic ninja swords.

Our hunt for light up ninja swords began online and we found many different colors to choose from. There was a blue light up ninja sword, a green light up ninja sword, a red light up ninja sword and a rainbow light up ninja sword to choose from. This was an easy choice for my son as his favorite color is green. The green light up ninja sword was rather inexpensive as it was only $13. I actually found a couple of places to purchase these light up ninja swords and it seems that the price goes up and down a few dollars throughout the weeks. I noticed this because I would later purchase some more of these ninja swords; which I will get to in a bit.

When we received our green light up ninja sword, we noticed that it was a good length. It was 26 inches long. It came with three AAA batteries already installed. As soon as we turned it on it was really bright green. It the dark this thing really looked awesome! It also had a clanging sound that activated when the sword was swung. No other ninja sword could have made my son happier. He walked around on Halloween night trick or treating swinging his sword around with joy. If anybody is ever looking for a light up ninja sword to compliment a costume or for any other reason, I wold highly recommend this.

After Halloween, the sword lasted my son a couple of weeks before it finally gave out. I must say that I didn't expect it to last that long with the beating it took from him. He was gentle with it on Halloween night, but the days after that he became straight out ruthless with it. We have to remember, it is just a toy and when you beat a plastic toy against walls and other hard items you can't expect it to last forever. For the cheap price we got it for though, it was definitely worth it.

It has been a couple of months since that green ninja sword got destroyed, and my son asked me for another one. Not only him, but his brothers and sisters as well. I decided to make it a family thing and bought 4 light up ninja swords. I decided to get all colors though, and this time the price had dropped a bit to $11.80.

This was my rainbow light up ninja sword
A couple of days ago we received the light up ninja swords. My son of course chose the green one like his last one. His little brother chose the blue one and his little sister chose the red one. I ended up with the rainbow ninja sword to play battle with the kids. They all lite up bright, and I actually liked having the rainbow ninja sword. I actually had a piece of each child within my weapon; green, blue and red. The only thing that I want to note her is that the red ninja sword seemed to be a mix of red and pink. My daughter did not mind though, and I don't think most people would. Especially if the toy is for a girl.

When I made my initial Halloween purchase of the green light up ninja sword, I also purchased some regular lightsabers since my oldest son was Darth Vader for Halloween. I will also review those swords soon. I give these light up ninja swords a positive 8.5. The only negative that I can find in them is that they will not usually last for months or anything like that unless a person really takes care of it and does not use it to dual too much. Fun and friendly battles are fine, but when these things start smacking each other real hard, let's just say that the losers ninja sword will be destroyed. They are great for show though and the price cannot be beat!

Rating: 8.5