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My Review:

Now this was a great movie. When I watched "300"I had never heard of it or anything and asked the video store clerk to just give me something good. He offered me "300" and some other movie and I said to just give me that one. When I watched it I was so into it from the very beginning. Spartan King Leonidas (Gerald Butler) really played this part better than anyone could have ever. He is the main character of the movie as he leads his 300 Spartans into battle against the Persian King Xerxes who has over one million soldiers. Though this film is based on an actual historical event the film makers of this movie really added to it and you can call it a historical fantasy movie with some creature like characters in the film. From the very beginning it is exciting as a Persian messenger arrivesat Sparta and demands that Sparta submit to the king of Persia, Xerxes. Outraged and offended at their behavior, King Leonidas kicks the messenger into a pit; the other messengers suffer the same fate. The ending is also great as the Spartans show honor in fighting to the death. This I would call a must see movie.

My Rating: 9.5

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