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Sprint Air Card 3G Network Review

Being that I am constantly on the Internet and always on the go, I decided to give the Sprints 3G network aircard a try a few months ago. I was completely ignorant to how these things work, though I had heard much about them. I walked into the Sprint store and inquired and the Sprint associates helped me out. The Sprint 3G Sprint air card plan would cost me $59.99 per month and I would have to pay a one time $50.00 fee for the actual air card. I was so glad that I was going to finally have this. I remember years ago that I used to wish that I would be able to get the Internet wherever I wanted. You remember those days don't you? Sitting around wondering how to get the Internet anywhere. Well, in recent years it became possible. Here is a picture of what the air card looks like, you just hook it up to your USB port and you are hooked up.I was happy that the Sprint 3G network aircard came with a $50.00 rebate, thus making my aircard actually free. I sent in my rebate and received a $50.00 rebate check about a month later. So far, so good. I was completely satisfied with my Sprint 3G network aircard and service. The Sprint 3G service is great and is fast enough for you to be completely satisfied with. The whole time I start thinking why I hadn't gotten this a long time ago. You can do anything, and I mean anything, that you can do with a regular Internet connection from home.

When my first bill came, I had no problem with it as my bill was for almost $70.00. Sure, the plan is $59.99 but let's not forget all of those pesky taxes that are added on. No problem! The following month the second bill rolls in and it is for $148.00. What the hell! Why so much? I call up Sprint customer service and they tell me that I have been charged with over usage. What! I thought it was unlimited use! They explain to me that you are supplied with 5,242,880 KB as part of your monthly subscription but will get charged extra for going over that. Well this was news to me! No one ever told me this, I just assumed it was unlimited which was a mistake on my part. Sprint will charge expensive fees when going over the 5,242,880 KB. I used 6, 745,667 KB and you can see how much I paid for the little extra that I used. I was a pissed off person about the large bill I had to pay, but like I said, it was my fault for assuming it was unlimited. I do think though that Sprint should make an effort to have their associates explain these things to you when you walk into a Sprint store.

My goal here is not to tell you how much the Sprint 3G network air card sucks, because it actually doesn't. The Sprint 3G network air card is actually great for anyone who needs to access the Internet anywhere at anytime. I would have so much trouble if I gave it up now. I get great connection to the Internet wherever I'm at. The only thing I want people to know about the Sprint 3G network air card is that it is not unlimited. Please know that you only have 5,242,880 KB free each month. This is enough for most people who spend a few hours a day on the Internet, but for those who are extreme Internet users, caution should be used by checking how many KB you have used on a daily basis at Sprints official website. This is a useful tool to keep track and not go over.

Grade: B+


Months after this post I went to the Sprint store that I got my Sprint Air Card and asked the guy about a better plan. The guy was really cool and hooked me up with a plan for $49.99 plus unlimited use. I have gone over and have not gotten charged. Really great!

FINAL UPDATE - May, 2013

I ended my relationship with the Sprint Air Card 3G. I have WIFI at home and decided that I no longer needed it. I have had WIFI for quite some time now, but I kept the Sprint Air Card 3G because there were times that I would be at different places and needed the Internet. No matter where I went, I always had the Internet available. I have found that I no longer really need it and was paying the $49.99 for nothing so I finally let the service go. I will say thank I am thankful for the nearly three years of service this air card gave me. I used to use it at work all the time and it came very useful. The Internet speed seemed to slow down toward the end than what it was when I first got it, but that is to be expected after all those years and no upgrade. Overall, I would still give this card a good rating. 


Don said...

I have nothing but slow surfing with the Sprint 3G. Use it on my home desk top computer in rural area. I have sought technical support from Sprint for 14 months to no avail. Downloads in the area of 170-300 kbps is normal with the Sprint tower only 1/2 mile from my location. Support is weak. Finally Sprint had me take the air card into the store to check. Operated at same slow speed! Now Sprint wants me to pay for a new card since I am 2 months past warrenty. Same card I have had problems with since day one. Seems unreasonable to me. Also, local store has been very weak in support.