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Video Game Emulator CD - Old School

Are you old school when it comes to video games like me? Oh how I miss those fun childhood days. I use to love playing video games at the liquor stores with all my friends on the way home from school. Of course that was before all of these home video game entertainment systems came along. If you were lucky you may have had an Atari 2600 at home.

Those were the days when a business owner could run a successful arcade business. These days, a busines like that would never survive as video games can only be a perk to someone's main business. Anyways, I'm getting a little off topic here. If you are someone who enjoyed  video games in the 1980s like me, then you might want a chance to enjoy all those video games again. I'm not actually one who has much time to play video games anymore as the last system I bought was the original Playstation 1 when it first came out. I could not resist getting a hold of all of my old school video game memories though.

I've heard about these video game emulators and decided to see what they are all about. I wouldn't mind having some of my childhood games on my laptop in case I feel like playing them. I'm always on my computer, and with them right on my laptop, I will be able to sneak in a game here and there. Knowing myself it might be more than a few games.

On these emulation sites though I noticed that you have to download the emulator and roms. I learned that the emulator is what you will need to play the games, and the roms are basically each individual game. For example, if you want to play Burgertime, you will need to find and download the Burgertime rom. I'm a person who gets kind of scared to download most things since I got a nasty virus a while back that basically destroyed my last laptop. By the way, it was from Limewire or Kazza, I forget which one. As much as I love my retro games it was not worth the risk.

I did eventually find  a site where I could get all of the games I wanted without having to download anything. The site offered all of these games I was looking for from the 80's like Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, Spy Hunter, Space Invaders, Mike Tysons Punch Out, RBI Baseball and many more. Way to may games to name here. The benefit here is that even though you will be using an emulator and roms like all of the other websites, you will get a CD that has all of the games and roms on it instead having to download everything.

There are 1500 games that you can play on this CD! Simply amazing! If you are like me and are leery about downloading stuff from the Internet, you may want to check this site out. They sent me the CD in the mail and it was easy to use. The CD is real easy to use and there is nothing to install. You just pop the CD into your laptop or desktop, and the list of games are right there. You just click on the game you want to play and start playing. I give the sellers of this CD a big thumbs up for offering this CD. If you want to see what the CD has to offer you, and all the games that come with it, please visit their site with the link below.

Grade - A

Video Game Emulation CD