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I had to update this post and let everyone know what has happened with shareapic.net. This site seemed like it was a promising image hosting site for those who wanted to earn money with  their pics but proved to be otherwise.

There was not anybody who thought that they were going to get rich or anything with Shareapic. It was just a way to make extra money with an image hosting site that you would be using anyways. I needed a place to host some images that I had and when I found out that you can earned some revenue for hosting your pics at shareapic I thought what the heck and started using them to host some of my pics in 2009. I thought this was great since up to this point I had only heard of pay-per-click programs but had never heard of pay-per-click with your pics. Everytime someone clicked on my pics I would earn! $0.22 per 1000 pic views - Not much but better than nothing, which is what you would earn with other image hosting websites.

Everyday I would see the change adding up. It took a long time but I eventually did hit the $20.00 minimum payout and requested payment. It took a couple of months but I did get paid via PayPal. Great! I used to imagine how great it was for those to use shareapic who had massive traffic to their blogs or websites.

Shareapic even started to promote Bidvertiser ads that ran along with your pics so that you would earn pay-per-click commissions whenever anyone clicked on those ads. I would like to mention that Bidvertiser is a terrific pay-per-click program and just because Shareapic ended up becoming a scam in the end, please do not affiliate Bidvertiser with Shareapic as their is no affiliation at all all amongst the two companies.

After receiving my first payment, Shareapic was sued by a user who claimed that the company was not paying as stated in their payment terms. I do not know all of the details about what happened here, but it did not affect Shareapic's day to day operations and users had no idea that the company was being sued.

Later though, the company got sued again. This lawsuit this time though seemed to really have a really big impact on the company. Shareapic let its users know about what was going on as users kept writing to them complaining about how long it was taking to receive requested payments. I was one of those people who found it real irritating that my payment request had been pending for over six months. It was only $30.00 but it was the point of the matter. Shareapic then finally let its users know that payments had been stopped due to the cost of them hiring a defending lawyer for their case. They were being sued for copyright violations of some of the pics displayed on their website.

Time and time went by and I still did not receive my payment, I doubt anyone else did. I kind of pretty much forgot about Shareapic as I am busy with other things in life. For some reason, today I thought about Shareapic and tried to log on. With it being August 12, 2012 I would guess that I had not logged into the Shareapic website for about nine months. Surprise! The website is shut down and does not exist anymore! I guess I will never get my $30.00.

Although I do not think that this company started their business with any intent to scam anybody, the end result is that it was a scam as they did not honor what their business plan was supposed to do. Some companies go into business with a scam planned and surely are the worst. Then you have the scams like Shareapic that run into trouble and basically give up and cheat all of their members out of money that is owed to them. They run like there is no tomorrow and just forget it all.

Where does that leave the Shareapic members? Of course we are not going to get any money that was due to us. I doubt many members had a ton of cash in there that would make a difference in their life. The members that I feel for are members that have lost their pics that they stored at Shareapic. Hopefully there are not to many people who had that web hosting site as their main source to store their images. I say this because I have read elsewhere about some people losing all of their piccs because of these crooks. So was Shareapic a scam? Yes they were a scam!