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Weegy Review

Weegy is a question and answer website that pays experts for answering questions that are asked directly by ordinary people. Even though the people answering questions are called experts, you really do not need to be a certified expert in anything. The way I see it is that life experience gives you your expertise in various topics, and I'm glad that Weegy sees it like that too.

Weegy is the name of the website's artificially powered advanced search engine. When a person is on Weegy to ask a question, they will see Weegy there on their screen in the form of a woman. When people ask a question, Weegie will try to answer it for them. If she does not know the answer she will pass the question on to an expert. That is when you come in. Sometimes, she will answer the question, but the person asking the question will not be satisfied with her answer, and they will have an option to ask a live expert instead. Again, this is where you come in. Also, whenever an expert answers a question, Weegy records the answer into her memory in case a similar question is asked to her in the future.

Here is a picture of the page where people can ask Weegy a question

Signing Up For Weegy

Signing up to answer questions forWeegie was very easy. It was a very quick process, and you just had to give your basic information. There was not any tests to take or anything like that. Basically anybody could become an expert on Weegy. There was a section titled "About" where you would fill in some information about yourself. There was also a couple of other sections titled "Qualifications" and "Degrees" where you could do a little bit of bragging. All in all the application was very simple and once done I was immediately ready to get to work.

What kind of Questions do I Have to Answer?

With Weegy you never know what type of questions will be thrown at you. When I started answering the questions I received a few history questions, a few math questions and a few love interest type questions. The great thing is that you can pass up on a question if you don't want to answer it or you just don't know how to answer it. When you pass up on a question, it will go to another Weegy expert.

How am I Notified When There are Questions to Answer?

This is one of the things I loved the most about Weegy. There is a page on the site that if left open means that you are prepared to take on questions. You don't have to sit there all day waiting for questions to come. You can do whatever it is that you are doing and just have the Weegy window opened up in the background. When a question comes in, you will hear a beep sound that lets you know that there is a question to be answered. You then just go to that open window and answer the question. Once done, go back to whatever it is you are doing. If you don't want to be bothered by Weegy you can just close the window. Great system!

How Much Does Weegy Pay?

I don't know! I have yet to get paid by Weegy. Are they a scam? Certainly not! In the research that I have done about this company I have learned that Weegy is an honest company and that the experts working with them have always been happy with the pay at Weegy. Seems that I got in at the wrong time with Weegy though as they are currently having problems with their Google Adsense ads displaying on their site. The income generated from these ads is how they would pay their experts. Seriously though from what I have heard the pay is about 20 cents per answer. That is really not that bad. I have heard that many people report earnings of $300 to $800 every month by just answering Weegy questions.

Other Things to Know About Weegy: 

As I stated earlier, the site is currently having problems displaying Google Adsense ads and thus are not currently paying their experts. After being on the site I noticed that some of their experts are still loyal and are still answering questions. After reading their blog, I have noticed that the administrators of Weegy are keeping their experts posted on what is going on and have even stated to their experts that if they do not want to answer questions they are not obligated to. I love that they are keeping their experts informed on things. I have seen too many websites that have just left their members in the dark about things when they ran into problems, and the next thing you know they shut down without any advance notice. I really wish that I had discovered Weegy earlier. Seems like a tight knit community.

Overall Personal Experience With Weegy:

The future of Weegy seems uncertain. After reading the blog I am not sure if there is a future for Weegy or not. I really hope there is as it is a terrific website, and I would love to be part of it. I debated with myself if I should even write about this company or not, but for some reason I feel that they will come back alive and continue paying their experts. I do not know anything about the problems that they are having with Google Adsense, but I do know that there are many other alternatives out there to Adsense. Hopefully the administrators at Weegy can find a good alternative if they cannot clear up their problems with Adsense. Sure, the pay will probably be less for experts, but I am sure that the experts would not mind. If anything changes with Weegy I will update.

Grade: B - (with uncertainty)