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Cash Call Review

Cash Call is a private loan company that loans money to those in need of some quick cash. The minimum that one can borrow is $2,600 and the maximum is $10,000. For those who need a quick loan and know that they can definitely pay the loan back fast it might not be a bad company to deal with. When I say pay it back fast though I really mean FAST!

For those who plan on making the minimum payments, you are best not to take out a loan with Cash Call. Why? The interest rates will kill you, some people are actually paying 99% interest on their loans. You can't feel good about getting a $2,600 loan and paying back over $9,000 when it's all said and done. That is a bind that many get themselves into when signing the dotted line for a Cash Call loan. There have been many, many complaints against Cash Call and I agree that this company has a usury way of doing business. One must also realize though that this company is not breaking the law, they will let you know the interest rate you will pay back before signing the agreement.

Click here to see Cash Call interest rates.

Now, I am not defending this company but I just wanted to let it be known that they are not breaking any laws. I personally would never ever do any business with Cash Call because I would not be able to pay off a loan in the next couple of months. Especially when there are better loans I can get out there. Many people getting these Cash Call loans have bad credit and feel that places like Cash Call are their only hope.

There are other options though. One of the best is from Prosper. For those who wish to get a small loan from $1000 to $25,000 with a great interest rate check out the Prosper Marketplace.

For some complaints from borrowers on Cash Call take a look here.

I give this company and any company like it (because there are many) a big thumbs down.


Anonymous said...

Signed up March 21, 2007 2:37 PM

Amount Paid to Borrower Directly: $2,525.00

Prepaid Finance Charge/Origination Fee: $75.00

I have been paying cash call for 1 year 2 month on a loan of 2,525.00 and will not be done paying it off until Oct 1, 2010 of a grand total of $9,163.37
The cost of my credit as a yearly rate
99.02 %
The dollar amount the credit will cost me
One payment of $285.88 on May 01, 2007.
40 monthly payments of $216.55 beginning on June 01, 2007.
One payment of $215.49 on October 01, 2010. :(
I am currently employed at CashCall right now as a collector. Although, They are not a collection agency...the collections department is approx. 500 strong and growing. This is the most illegal collection department that i have ever worked for. I have met people who have worked for Shekinah and NCO who now work at CashCall, and they say we are 10 times more illegal. Everyday it is hilarious hearing not just one but all collectors telling 3rd party's or whoever answers the line that they are from the sheriff's, attorney's, legal department, fraud department, court house, and investigation department. They threaten suit, garnishments, actually anything they can think of. The crazy part about it is that all the management knows and they are ok with it. The motto there is "Do what you have to get the money". so whether you are 30-60-90 days late ...you will get these threats guaranteed. I don't consider these guys good collectors they are just total thugs. As a collector myself i never thought i would say this, but i feel bad for the debtor..96% interest. is that even legal.. If you are a customer with CashCall and you are late as little as 30 days...record the phone call,,,you will have an instant lawsuit. "

the company fails to provide copies of contracts or other disclosures concerning the terms and conditions of the loan agreements. Many customers complain that they are being charged userous interest rates in violation of the State law in which they reside. Other complainants report harrassment in the form of extreme or hardcore collection practices which they claim are unnecessasarily used. Customers report the company makes repeated calls to friends and co-workers used as references causing them embarrassment, distress, and jeopordizing their employment. Other complainants allege company representatives treat them like criminals, use threats and rude remarks concerning their families, and threaten them with physical contact if payments are not received.

The company responds to complaints by disputing the complainants allegations, claiming they act in accordance with all state and federal regulations. In some cases, they do issue credits. Allegations of abusive collection tactics are generally not addressed. "


Written by Jack, on 17-05-2008 03:57

I work for them. I know they are worried about lawsuits. Our company has allowed the reps and associates to harrass the *** out of you people. Now that there's changes being made because of the lawsuits all of the reps are being watched very closely. Im not trying to justify anything. Blame Louis Ochoa for letting this all go down. Our CUSTOMERS never should have treated this way. They deserve better. He did nothing while reps were harrassing customers and threatning the customers with lawsuits. Finally Paul Reddam steps in because he dosent want to pay anymore lawsuits from the customers. It's to late Reddam. Your employees hate working there because of people like Ochoa who they cant trust. You work them like slaves and treat them like dirt. And now you wonder why the customers feel harrased? Put that carrot out there that we work so hard for and now you act like you care about the customer? Never. He only cares about MONEY. On behalf of the GOOD employees who actually care about our customer, I appologize for what you have to go through. Record everything. Keep track of multiple calls. Always remember, there talk is cheap. They lie about everything.

Stan said...

I love their commercials!!!!!!!!!!