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Singsnap Review

Singsnap is a karaoke website that gives people the opportunity to sing along to their favorite songs. Some will see this site as every karaoke singers dream come true. With the power of the Internet, every singing fool can now have access to all of their favorite tunes.

When you combine the popularity of karaoke with the audio and video technology that we have these days, it is no wonder people are always open to joining a good karaoke site. No longer is the shower the only place that someone can let out their secret singing voice. By singing to their favorite recordings online, a person can now graduate to the next step of singing and share their recordings with others if they want to.

The songs that are available on SingSnap are plentiful. New songs, as well as old songs are available to choose from. Also, there is music from all different types of genres. If you love country music, you will find a wide assortment of country songs. Rap music, rhythm and blues, oldies, alternative music and everything else that you can think of is available.

A person can register and start singing their heart away right away by getting a free Singsnap account. Free members have about 1,500 songs to choose from and a recording limit storage of 100 songs. Most people who love karaoke will instead want to get a paid membership. A paid gold membership on the site gives a member access to all of the songs that the site has and an unlimited storage for their recordings. Being a gold member on Singsnap has many perks such as being able to add vocal effects to their voice, creating private chat rooms, creating playlist, pitch changer and are ad free. The price for a gold membership is currently $15 a month, but a member can save on this by prepaying their gold membership fee.

When recording a song, a person can have only audio on their recording. This of course means that the recording will only have their voice. If someone wants to add video too, that can easily be done with the click of a button. When done recording a song, a person will be able to save it. They will have the option of sharing their new recording with the public or they can keep it private.

I personally love Singsnap! To me, singing is something that I just need to get out of my soul sometimes. It may sound corny to some people, but it seems to release stress that I carry around. I know that I am nowhere near a professional singer, but I am certainly not a terrible singer. Recording music on Singnap is something that can be treasured forever. I don't know how long the site will be around, but if Singsnap is around for a long time, can you imagine looking back at your recordings 15 years from now. I'm sure a person's kids and grandkids would love seeing them sing so many years ago.

I love the fact that you can make some of your recordings public and make others private. For example, I have some recordings that I did with my kids that are special to me. It is just us messing around and having a good time while we sing together. I don't want this out their for public view. I just want these recordings for my own personal pleasure. Every once in a while I will watch them and cannot get the smile off of my face. Of course, there are those recordings that I put out there in pubic view.

The price to be a gold member on Singsnap is affordable. Singsnap will debit the $15 a month automatically from your PayPal account. I am not sure if you can pay any other way, but I have used the PayPal option for the couple of years that I have been with them. There is a wide selection of songs to choose from. Most artists and songs can be found on the site, but there are some that are not. For example, if you were to search for songs by "Prince" or "Queen," you would not find anything. Like I said, most popular artists and their songs are on the site though.

If you are a singing fool like me, you definitely have to check out Singsnap. If you are not sure about becoming a paid gold member, start out with a free membership and see if you enjoy the site. While you are there, go on ahead and listen to the other Singsnap members songs. If you like someone, comment on their recording, and let them know you like them. They will usually return the favor by visiting your recordings.

Grade: B

Below, I have put some Singsnap recordings from some of the members. One of them is me, and the other four are not. Think you know which one is me?