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Prosper is a lending company, but it is unlike any loan company you have ever seen. It is a P2P lending company unlike your traditional lending company like 'Cash Call' (promoted heavily by Arnold of the old show Different Strokes) and others who will charge you a arm and a leg for a loan with stiff interest rates. You can  get a GREAT deal at Prosper. At Prosper, borrowing money from people is fast, safe, and easy. You will borrow money from people just like you. You post a listing requesting a loan, and other people bid for the privilege of lending you money.

You can borrow anywhere from $1000 to $25,000 on Prosper. To borrow money your credit is not a big factor. If you have had some credit problems in the past, you can still get a loan. Of course if your credit score is better you will probably get a better interest rate. Many people who could qualify for a loan at their bank, credit union or other lending institutes use Prosper because they can get a better interest rate. Others who don't have so good credit and would get turned down for a personal loan anywhere they went can get a loan on Prosper. Like mentioned earlier, probably with a higher interest rate than those with good credit. Nevertheless, you will still get your loan and you will not get ripped off by paying back three or four times the amount you borrowed. The interest rate will be affordable. Click on the link below to check out the website for full details.

If you have some money just sitting in the bank not doing anything you may want to earn interest off of that money. Lending money directly to people is a great way to earn a fair return. Prosper provides a lot of credit, employment, and income data, and lets you choose exactly who you want to lend to. Many people are earning money by loaning their money out to borrowers. You can get a piece of the pie! There is a strategy and Prosper will give you a tutorial on the best way to loan. You wont put all your eggs in one basket, you loan $50 here, $50 there, $100 there and so on. Way too much to explain here, you really need to check out their website to get the full details on lending.

I have personally been a borrower and am very happy with the way Prosper works. In the future I plan to be a lender. The guys who founded this company were some real geniuses.

I completely give this site a thumbs up and they get a grade A in my book.